Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 10 Greyhounds Palm Beach Kennel Club September 2013

Here are the Top 10 Greyhounds at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for September 2013:

#1 Atascocita Golda
~Best racer at Palm Beach and it's not even close right now. Has won 7 out of the last 8 races.  Looks primed to be the best here at "The Beach" for a long time unless owners transfer her.

#2 Flying Rushin By
~Best rusher in the 545.  Has been much better about closing races, even though her leads are so gigantic at the beginning it is hard to tell.  Would love to see a rivalry start between this one and Golda.

#3 Kiowa Cain 
~The pride of Monarch Greyhounds stormed on the scene this month with 4 straight wins. This includes a blistering 29.20 in the 545.

#4 Relativity
~Odd Squad member Chris Straka owns this dog and she really has become elite this month. "Einstein" won 4 times in September, including making the Puppy Stakes final on Labor Day. Getting better every race.

# 5 Super C Roxee
~Roxee is the #2 best rusher out of the box behind Rushin By.  Had 4 wins in September and also had a recent 7 race winning streak snapped. Barely 2 years old, should be able to keep running well for a while.

#6 Atascocita Bette
 ~The newest sensation at Palm Beach  went from the "J" class all the way to the top "A" class before losing.  Has excellent rush out of the box. Barring injury, this is a serious threat to the top spots on this list.

#7 Liberty Trail
~The veteran sprinter is still the best sprinter here but has slowed down in this monthOnly won twice in this month, but that is only because in one of her 1 box assignment races, she escaped from the handler and escaped. Should get back on track in October.

#8 Nidett
~The veteran 660 long distance racer got back in the winning swing this month. Won 3 times after being put back where she belongs after the failed experiment at the shorter 545 distance.

#9 Google Search
~A surprise here I know but this racer may have the best close of this field. Beat Super C Roxee on 9/21 and barely missed another win 5 days later as Roxee barely nipped her off. Getting better every month.

#10 CRT Majestic
~Won 3 times this month, with some impressive mid 29 second runs. 

Honorable Mention: Pws Cadishack, Palm City Pamela, Boc's Jalapeno, Superior Dune, Ethereal Elation, CRT Yusef, CRT Kimmy, JS Angel Touch, Daphne Zuniga, Kiowa Raphael.

Not So Good:

Machismo- 0-54 for wins all time at Palm Beach continues for this Ryan Racing hound. Yikes. 

*Sad to see Rob Gronkowski transfer to Southland but there are some really quality racers in the "A" class right now. Watch out for Golda in October, as we may see a double digit win streak coming soon from her.