Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Greyhounds Palm Beach Kennel Club December 2013

Top 10 Greyhounds Palm Beach Kennel Club December 2013

Another exciting month of racing action has been completed at the Palm Beach Kennel Club and the action couldn't be any better right now!  Heading into the new year, there are many racers here that could make a case to be on this Top 10 list. Here are my Top 10 racers currently racing at "The Beach."

#1 Rob Gronkowski ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Rader Racing
~Last month ranking #1 (Two straight months at the top)
~3 wins this month

Simply the best racer here and possibly the entire country. The "Gronk" holds the Royal Palm Course time record of 29.02 that he set last month and also held a 9 race winning streak at this track before being upset by San Tan Chisholm on 12/26. The best rush anywhere out of the box and has amazed fans with his unreal length of victories over the competition. Gronk will race in the He's My Man Classic starting on New Years Day at Palm Beach, where he will be a heavy favorite. After that, owner Steve Sarras has confirmed to multiple sources that Gronk will move over to Mardi Gras for the World Classic Stakes Event held there at the end of January. Making a case for being one of the best racers that has ever raced here.

#2 JS SpeedyPebbles ~545 Yard Racer ~ Pat Collins/Neola Joe Kennel
~Last month #2 (Same ranking)
~3 wins this month

The Dick Andrews Futurity champion has been outstanding since bursting on the scene this Fall. Has won 13 of the 16 races (81%) of her races and has blazed a 29.24 Royal Palm Course time this season.  The best rookie this track has ever seen. As track announcer Mike Jameson has said, this is the best female running here by far.  With Gronk moving on to Hollywood next month, will there be a change at #1 in January and beyond?

#3 KB's Like A Fox ~ 301 Yard Super Sprint Racer ~ Rader Racing
~Last Month #4 (Up 1 spot)
~5 wins this month

The best sprinter at "The Beach." Has 20 super sprint wins on the season and has won 12 of his last 15 races (80%).  Track announcer FasTrak Dale proclaims this is the best sprinter in the country and it is hard to blame him.  Fox has 4 of the top 10 race times this season on the super sprint course and doesn't mind box position because he has had success in any assignment. When Bae Sang comes back from Southland Park, this super sprint season will really heat up with BlackJack Bryce also having a bunch of success.

#4 Relativity ~ 545 Yard Racer ~  James E. Douglas Racing
~Last Month #8 (Up 4 spots, biggest mover on this list)
~5 wins this month

~My Facebook pal Chris Straka's racer has become a beast in the month of December. Has won 6 out of 7 races and went under 30 seconds in all of those. Started off as an inside rail racer but has expanded his game to any box assignment. The most amazing stat I have seen with Relativity is that in all of his races since coming to PB in April, he has never given up the lead once he has it. Look for "Einstein" to possibly steal the He's My Man Classic if Gronk or SpeedyPebbles falter.

#5 Jawa Bruiser ~545 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing Team
~Last month #5 (Same Ranking)
 ~2 wins this month

~One of the best lid flippers around. Has finished in 1st or 2nd in 14 of the last 15 races. Had some absolute classic races with Atascocita Golda in the last few months.  Is a box to wire specialist but does have a little close as well. Really came back as a superior racer in September after a 2 month layoff.  Has won 47% of his races this season. Outside chance of challenging for the He's My Man Classic.

#6 BlackJack Bryce ~ 301 Yard Super Sprint Racer ~Champions Racing Team
~Last month #8 (Up 2 spots)
~4 wins this month

The other superstar sprinter here. Has won 8 out of the last 10 races. Has won 58% of the races he has been in this season. I really would like to see a rivalry start between Bryce and Like A Fox because it would be some classic races guaranteed. 

#7 Super C Roxee ~545 Yard Racer~ B & B Racing
~Last month #10 (Up 3 spots)
~3 wins this month

~The ultimate box to wire specialist. She has won 51% of her races this season and is right up there with any lid popper speed around. Roxee is consistently near the front of the pack during her races but still has one of the worst fades on this list, which pushes down her rankings.  Look for Roxee to continue to win many races here at Palm Beach.

#8 Atascocita Golda ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Suncoast Racing
~Last month #3 (Down 5 spots)
~2 wins this month

~One of my favorite racers here because of the way she runs. Encourages contact and runs hard every race. You can really see though that her game is starting to tire.  2 wins on the month is startling to me and her times have also not been consistent with what she was putting up this Summer and most of Fall.  I'm hoping that Suncoast puts this one on break for a while because rest should bring this racer back to the former #1 racer form she had going. Still is the wins leader with 23 but KB's Like A Fox is right on her tail with 20.

#9 San Tan Spangled ~ 545 Yard Racer ~Steve Gilster Kennel
~Last month-Not Ranked
~3 wins this month

~One of the really up and comer racers here. Has won 7 out of 11 races this season and has finished in the top 3 in all of those races. Should make the Final of the He's My Man Classic.

#10 Legally Buzzed~ 660 Yard Long Distance Racer~ Marsella Racing
~Last Month- Not Ranked
~4 wins this month

~The newest 660 yard long distance sensation.  Switched to the long distance and immediately went on a 4 race winning streak.  With Flying Zinc on a break, this young racer has a chance to put up a lot of wins at this distance.  Is there anything more wide open then the 660 at this place?  Seems like I have a new sensation on here every month at this distance.

Honorable Mention: CRT Yusef (Just barely off this list), JS Big Mac, NB's Nice and Easy, CRT Majestic, Bazooka Joe, Kay Rock Sweet, TF Chucky Slick, JS Froot Loops, Inner Circle, Atascocita Bette, Flying The Who, San Tan Chisholm, TF Ashley, Charlie Sheen, Kiowa Frank Lazy, CRT Quin, PWS Cadishack, NB's Perazzi, CRT Outstanding, Fusileer, PJ Timeless, Smokey Joe.

Racers Not Currently Racing
~Atascocita Henri
~Flying Rushin By
~Flying Zinc

December Highlights

~JS SpeedyPebbles winning the $20,000 Dick Andrews Futurity on December 26th.

~Rob Gronkowski destroying the fields he was in and giving him the chance to go under 29 seconds in the 545 yard distance every time he races.

~KB's Like A Fox and BlackJack Bryce lighting up the super sprint field.

~Rader Racing and B&B Racing going toe to toe for the Kennel Championship. Rader just took over the wins lead at the end of the month. With Norm Rader bringing over many quality Gulf Greyhound dogs to this track, you will probably see Rader Racing win its 10th straight Championship this summer.

~Saw that former Palm Beach racer Machismo FINALLY won a race! Was 0-63 at Palm Beach and transferred to Sanford Orlando. Won his 3rd race and then continued on with another win in his next one.  Good transfer because Jerry Burns was getting nervous about his futility record.

December Lows

~TDS Gator has now lost 60 consecutive races at Palm Beach and is now just 13 races away from tying the futility streak of Jerry Burns.

~Another month of not seeing the 2012 Wins Champion Atascocita Henri. Suncoast has stayed silent on why we have not seen him racing.

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the He's My Man Classic starting New Years Day!