Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings April 2014

 Palm Beach Top 10 Rankings
April 2014
By Palm Beach Jason

Another outstanding month of racing at Palm Beach has finished up! The Puppy Stakes was the main highlight of the month, along with a fantastic Super Sprint rivalry starting up.  Here is my Top 10 rankings for the month of April at “The Beach.”
*This is the first time in 6 months Rob Gronkowski was not #1 ranked. He has moved on to Southland Park.

#1 Bae Sang ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~Rader Racing
-Last month ranking (#3, up two spots. First time as #1 racer here.)
-3 wins this month
Widely considered one of the best, if not the best Super Sprinter in the country. Has a 70% win rate this season and has the ticket 16 of 17 races this season. Outstanding rivalry with KB’s Like A Fox, which Bae Sang won both times they went head to head this month.

#2 Storm Control ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
-Last month Ranking (#7, up five spots)
-2014 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Champion
The Puppy Stakes champion has one of the best rushes to crush at this track. Won B & B Racing their first Puppy Stakes Championship ever in their Kennel’s history.  Beat his two brothers (Juggernaut & Ghost Buster) in the Final. Sky is the limit for this young superstar.

#3 KB’s Like A Fox ~ 301 yard Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing
-Last month Ranking (#3, down one spot this month)
-Season wins leader with 32
Fans of Palm Beach are very lucky that we have two of the top Super Sprinters in the country racing here. After months of waiting, Fox and Bae Sang squared off twice this month. Is the favorite right now to take the Wins Championship here at the end of the season.

#4 Ghost Buster ~ 545/660 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
-Last month Ranking (#8, up four spots this month)
-4 wins this month
The most versatile greyhound at Palm Beach. Has been a finalist in three major Stakes races this season (He’s My Man, 3/8th Mile Derby and Puppy Stakes).  Is part of one of the greatest litters this track has ever seen.  Should go back to the 660 and be the top long distance runner here.

#5 Flying Zinc ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing
-Last month Ranked #10 (up 5 spots in the Rankings)
-2014 3/8ths Mile Derby Champion
One of the best long distance racers here. Has run 37.30 secs twice this season, second fastest time ever at Palm Beach. Would love if Zinc and Ghost Buster were major rivals in the 660.

#6 Juggernaut ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
-Last month ranking – Not Ranked
Runner-up 2014 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes
Has won nearly half of his races this season. Showed how great of a racer he was in the Puppy Stakes, losing at the wire for the Place to his brother Storm Control.  An up and coming star without a doubt.

#7 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins Racing
-Last month Ranking –Not Ranked
Really put in a strong month of racing in April with 3 wins this month. Has the ability to flip the lid with the best breakers here. Owns the track record for winning her first 8 races to begin her career. Season best 29.24 second time.

#8 CRT Yusef ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Champions Racing Team
-Last month Ranking (5th, down three spots)
-Seventh on the season win list with 22.
Possesses one of the most dynamic closes here at Palm Beach. No racer wants this one on their heels on the backstretch.

#9 Flying The Who ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing Team
-Last month Ranking (Not Ranked)
-Current winning streak of 4 races
Has bested some of the best greyhounds here this month. Ran a season’s best 37.64 sec blazer on 4/19. With Ghost Buster, Zinc and now Who joining the party, the 660  has an enormous amount of talent here currently.

#10 Relativity ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Douglas Racing 
-Last month Ranking #9 (down one spot) 
 Third on the season wins list with 26.  Is one of the only threats to KB’s Like A Fox for the Season Win Championship.
Honorable Mention: Super C Roxee, Racin Razzi, Kiowa Carmen, JS Dogie Doo, Turbo Nanette, Boc’s Cayenne, Killer Sunshine, Pat C Dark Ciena, San Tan Spangled, JS Froot Loops, Ben Affleck, Tebucky Jones, BL Booster Gold, Oaks Charlie O, Kiowa Frank Lazy, Lil Red Kykie, Kebo Kool Taboga