Friday, February 28, 2014

Top 10 Rankings Palm Beach Kennel Club February 2014

*Rob Gronkowski*

Top 10 Rankings
Palm Beach Kennel Club
February 2014

Another outstanding month of racing at Palm Beach is completed!  Here are my Top 10 Rankings for greyhounds that are currently racing at "The Beach."

#1 Rob Gronkowski ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Rader Racing
~Last month ranking (#1) 4 straight months as the #1 racer here
~2 wins, 29.23 best time this month
~Named Captain of the 2013 All-American Team, the highest achievement a greyhound racer can attain.

The fastest greyhound on the planet. Is the heavy favorite to win the $50,000 St. Patrick's Day Invitational on March 15th.Will transfer after the Invitational to compete in Stakes races around the country for owner Steve Sarras.  Watching history every time he runs.

#2 Bae Sang ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing
~Last month - not ranked
~5 wins this month, best time 16.53
~Current longest winning streak at 6 races here at Palm Beach.

The best Super Sprinter at Palm Beach. Many fans and I are hoping that Bae Sang and KB'S Like A Fox are in the same race together to see the best face each other for the first time ever. Has a chance to get to a double digit win streak in March.

#3 Flying Zinc ~ 660 Yard Racer ~ Royal Racing Team
~Last month - not ranked
~James W. Paul 3/8ths Mile Champion on Feb. 22nd.
~Ran 37.30 twice in the past 30 days, 2nd best time ever on the Pat C Rendezvous Course

Incredible story with Zinc winning the Derby. Did not originally make the Final, but was penciled in after Kiowa Try Tori scratched.  Has a great chance of setting the Course record time in the future after nearly breaking it twice.

#4 Atascocita Golda ~545 Yard Racer ~ Suncoast Racing
~Last month - Not ranked
~Tied for the season's win lead here with 25
~ Best time this month 29.29 seconds

One of the best lady racers at Palm Beach is back in top form. One of the best rushers here and has never been afraid of contact. Has a great shot to take another season's win title for Suncoast Racing after Atascocita Henri did it last year.

#5 Relativity ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ James E. Douglas
~Last month - Not Ranked
~2nd in wins on the season (24)
~4 wins this month, 29.52 second best time

"Einstein" has stepped his game up this month. 4 out of 6 races won and one of the losses was to the best closer here in Spangled. Absolutely secured a spot in the St Pats Invitational next month in my opinion.

#6 KB's Like A Fox ~ 301 Yard Super Sprinter ~ Rader Racing
~Last month ranking (#6) same ranking in February
~ Tied for the season's win lead here with 25
~2 wins this month, 16.45 second best time

On of the best super sprinters around. Has been less consistent this month, but still poises the threat of flying out of the box faster then anybody here.

#7 San Tan Spangled ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ Steve Gilster Kennel
~Last month ranking (#4) down 3 spots
~1 win this month, best time 29.49 seconds

Only one win this month but it was over one of the top dogs here in Relativity. Has the best close of any racer here currently.

#8 Fusileer ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ North Shore Kennel
~Last month - Not Ranked
~3 wins this month, 29.56 second best time

Came off an extended break in January and has won 5 out of 8 races he competed in. 

#9 PJ Timeless ~545 and 660 Yard Racer ~ Rader Racing
 ~Last month - Not Ranked
~3 wins this month, 37.86 second best time

~Was 1st or 2nd in every qualifier in the 3/8ths Mile Derby. Is one of the most versatile runners here, being competitive in both the 545 and 660.

#10 Racin Rascal ~ 545 Yard Racer ~ B & B Racing
~Last month, not ranked
~3 wins this month, 29.62 second best time

Had a 4 race winning streak going this month, all class A wins. Stumbled last two races, but looks to be a very promising racer for the future.

Honorable Mention: JS SpeedyPebbles, Ghost Buster, TF St. Pius, CRT Yusef, Smokey Joe, Storm Control, FF Code Red, TF Chucky Slick, TF Ashley, PJ Smoke EM Out, CRT Majestic, Kiowa Frank Lazy, Kay Rock Sweet, BlackJack Bryce, Submariner, CrazyZorro, CRT Leyla, NB'S Simba, JS Honey Boo Boo, TF Tommy Salami.

Highlights This Month

~Flying Zinc winning the $50,000 Derby in 37.30 seconds.
 ~Bae Sang's current 6 race winning streak.
~Rob Gronkowski having a 8 race winning streak during this month.
~JS SpeedyPebbles winning her first Class A race since January 12th. Many fans and myself are really hoping this pup gets back to top form. Best rookie racer ever here.
~Atascocita Con winning her first ever race on 2-28 after 42 career starts at PB and Gulf Greyhound Park.

Not So Good  

~No Jawa Bruiser for track announcer FasTrak Dale to watch race all month long. Bruiser should come back after a break to race again soon.

Enjoy the racing in March and the St. Patrick's Invitational at Palm Beach Kennel Club!