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Top 10 Greyhounds Palm Beach Kennel Club August 2013

We have finished up the August season of racing at the Palm Beach Kennel Club and my Top 10 list is ready to roll!  Here is the Top 10 current racers at "The Beach" for the month of August 2013.

1. Rob Gronkowski- (A) Rader Racing ~ 545 Yd. Distance

~This one is a no brainer.  4 wins in August and a blistering time of 29.15 tied for the 4th fastest time ever on the Royal Palm Course.  Amazingly, this early burner has never gotten the favorable 1 box and has still won 22 out of 34 races all time (65%) in his young career.  He is set to run in the Labor Day Puppy Stakes as the heavy favorite.  Look for Gronk to continue his dominance into the Fall season.

2. Atascocita Golda (A) Suncoast Racing ~ 545 Yd. Distance

~This racer was frustrating players and fans alike with her inconsistent runs she was displaying just a few months ago.  That has all been forgotten.  This lid flipper won 5 races in August and is currently on a 4 race winning streak.  One thing I have noticed is that this greyhound can cut corners better then any racer at Palm Beach.  Watch her take a corner in her replays and you will see what I mean.  CRT Yusef has been a rival all month, but it is hard to call it a rivalry when Golda won 4 out of 5 of those races.  Look for Golda and Gronk to get matched up frequently once Fall hits, which should make for some epic races.

3. Flying Rushin By (A) Steve Gilster Kennel~ 545 Yd. Racer

~The fabulous one jumps up to 3rd on the list for August.  Since June 2nd, this greyhound has led around the final curve in every race.  Incredible.  The only flaw you can find in this greyhound is that it can be a bit short.  Just when you think you have a greyhound in your play that can beat this racer, she goes box to wire with that insane rush making you shake your head at why you doubted her.  This hound has also hit the doggie $$$$ (top 4) in every race since May 27th. That is consistency that should continue into September.

4. Kiowa Kay Fannie (A) Royal Racing Team~ 545 Yd. Racer

~ This 2 1/2 year old greyhound has really stepped her game up in August.  Has won 4 out of 6 races and is starting to add a solid rush to go along with that dynamic close.  Consistently under 30 seconds, she was in the money in every race since the beginning of July until a mishap in the turn took her out last time out.  I believe there are a bunch more wins coming from this greyhound in the future. Move your Fannie!!!!

5. Relativity (A) James Douglas Kennel~ 545 Yd. Racer

~The Puppy Stakes has been a coming out party for the young racer owned by fellow Odd Squad member Chris Straka.  The early speedster won 4 races in August, including the shocking win on August 17th over The Gronk.  He is the main threat to beat The Gronk on Labor Day and has become a fan favorite of many race fans this month.  The more races this hound gets under his belt, look out for a bunch of wins to come his way.

6. CRT Yusef (A) Champions Racing Team~ 545 Yd. Racer

~This racer would be much higher on the list if it didn't go head to head with Atascocita Golda and Flying Rushin By all the time.  This racer only won one race in August but it was a classic rundown of Golda at the wire.  Finished 2nd four times and went under 30 seconds in all of his August races but 1. Has an outstanding close and now has added a solid rush to go along with it. Watch out for this dog to challenge the track's best in the coming months.

7. Liberty Trail (A) Champions Racing Team~ 301 Yd. Sprinter

~The current best sprinter at "The Beach" won twice in the month of August but has struggled in a few races.  Was beaten by Palm City Patton twice in the month and is getting out rushed by some racers that usually wouldn't be in her league.  It might be time for a break but at only 2 and a half years old in this distance, look for Liberty Trail to run off a bunch of wins in the near future.

8. Ethereal Elation (A) Royal Racing Team~ 545 Yd. Racer

~Won her 1st three races in the Puppy Stakes and has showed a fabulous close in the month of August.  This racer has hit the $$$$ 9 out of 11 races this season (82%) and has an outside chance to beat the Gronk and Relativity in the Puppy Stakes Final.

9. PWS Cadishack (A) Agganis Kennel~ 545 Yd. Racer

~ Was 1st or 2nd in all August races but 1 (5 out of 6- 83%) and combines a solid rush with a deadly close.  Consistently under 30 seconds and a constant threat to win in the top class, Cadishack should see the winner's circle many more times this season.

10. Miss Prissy (A) Rader Racing ~ 660 Yd. Racer

~A surprise to many but won't be as soon as more people see this racer run. True, she has no "A" wins.  But, the 660 racers are not impressive at all right now at Palm Beach before Stakes Season starts. This racer has jumped on the 660 scene with that fabulous close and has won 2 out of the 3 races she was in.  Should be able to take on the top competition immediately.  Her real test to this ranking will be in her 1st "TA" race on September 4th.

Honorable Mention: Roca, CRT Outstanding, Superior Dune, Super C Roxee, CRT Marisol, Kay Rock Sweet, Vagrant, Palm City Patton, San Tan Snuggles, Palm City Cameo, NB's Perazzi.

*Racers missing from this list that are on a break that should be back racing soon:

-Atascocita Henri

-NB's Nice and Easy

-Jawa Bruiser

Best Rushers

1. Rob Gronkowski

2. Flying Rushin By

3. Atascocita Golda

Best Closers

1. Kiowa Kay Fannie

2. CRT Yusef

3. Cash Seeker

Top Kennels

1. Rader Racing

2. B & B Racing

3. Suncoast Racing

Thank you for checking out the list.  I look forward to seeing what September has in store for the best track in the world, the Palm Beach Kennel Club!

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