Thursday, July 11, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 7-12-13

Bringing our winning picks to the Friday Evening races at "The Beach."

#1- 1 Kiowa History- Times have dropped last 3 races and looks primed to get her 1st win for the Steve Gilster Kennel.

#2- 5 Cash Seeker- Rader Racing.Close last time out. Serious closer this one is.

#3- 2 WW's Review- Just went 30.43 last time out and has a better rush then the 2 racers on each side. Underwhelming "M" class race with no favorite here.

#4- 1 Rockdown Roxy- Grade drop and the hot 1 box get it done here.

#5- 8 Gitto- Loves the outside box like I love Palm Beach. Went right near 30 seconds in a schooling race out of this box a few appearances ago.

#6- 8 Paper Heart- Rader Racing. This long distance racer has hit the $$$$ 17 out of 21 times last year (81%.) Has the ability to go box to wire in this weak "C" race.

#7- 7 Wine and Roses- Up until last race, this B & B racer was close 4 races in a row. Gets a shot out of the 7 box, which she has never raced out of.  Has the closing speed to bring this one home for the win.

#8- 5 Eyes Best Bet- Close last 2 races and has the most class in this race. Can out rush this field if he wants to.  Many racers have a chance in this one to win.

#9- 4 Leeroy Jenkins- I told my Twitter friend and owner of Leeroy Jenkins @SherrySBS that I had a good feeling that Leeroy pulls this one out. I had that same feeling on May 20th, when he last won. Finally gets out of the "J" class here.

#10- 1 Relativity- The race of the day in my opinion. I went with this racer instead of SS Cyclone for 1 reason....Relativity has seen the "A" competition before. Cyclone has not. Relativity has a rush to crush and gets his 1st "A" class win for the Douglas Kennel.

#11- 7 TK Emerald- Close last two races. Gets it done here. Slow breakers to each side set it up perfect for this early speedster.

#12- 7 O Ya Suzan- Rader Racing. Has some of the better opening speed out of the box. This will help in this underwhelming 660 "TD" race.

#13- 8 TF Cocco- Throw out the last stinker race. This one can really boogie out the box and now gets the outside 8 box to show it.

#14- 5 Atascocita Easy- Love taking an Atascocita racer from Suncoast Kennel every program if I can. Times have dropped last 4 races and has the best close of this field.

#15- 7 TF Ashley- Close last time out. This may be one of the best pups at Palm Beach with a huge rush and times have blitzed well under 30 seconds. Has hit the $$$$ in all 6 races she has ever raced.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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