Sunday, July 21, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Monday Matinee 7-22-13

We start off our winning week with the Monday Matinee at "The Beach."
#1- 8 Kiowa Rogers- Close 2nd last time out and gets the 8 box to fire out of.
#2- 1 TK Acclamation- Grade dropping and in the hot 1 box. Has real good opening speed, especially in this class.

#3- 8 Kiowa Raphael- Can't ignore 2 straight wins in the same 8 box. Gets 3 in a row here for the Steve Gilster Kennel.

#4- 1 San Tan Snuggles- Best box for the super sprint and can really flip the lid in the inside boxes. Slow breakers in the boxes near her set it up for the win.

#5- 8 Atascocita Eli- Love taking an Atascocita racer from Suncoast Kennel every program if I can. Lots of early speed with a lot of the other racers, but they all fade at the end. Going with the closer here.

#6- 8 PJ Kamikaze- Grade "A" hound dropping down. Crushes the competition in this class and will do it again in this one.

#7- 5 Wauben Sheree- Another classic case of early speed and fading action at the end in this race. This racer just missed out last time and has excellent closing action in her game.

#8- 6 TF Chucky Slick- Can't ignore 2 races in a row out of the 6 box with blazing speed and wins. Yellow dog up front again in this one. Rader Rader Rah Rah Rah.

#9- 1 Showstopa Stubby- Just missed last time out and now gets the 1 box to fire out of for the win.

#10- 1 Chick A Dee Dee- Best box for the long distance 660 race and is grade dropping.

#11- 2 Palm City Pearl- Looks to be in top form after going 29.96 for the win. Has a history of repeat win performances.

#12- 3 Jawa Bruiser- Fast Trak Dale's favorite dog has a rush to crush and has slow breakers to each side of him in this one.  

#13- 7 WW Blazin Hot- Close 2nd last time out in the same 7 box.

#14- 8 Kelsos Caruso- Loves the 8 box like I love Palm Beach. Going for 2 in a row.

#15- 1 Atascocita Golda- The most interesting top racer at the track. Can absolutely go PINGGGGGG out of the box and smoke an outstanding time....or can run so absurd you are left scratching your head. 1st time getting the 1 box to boogie out of at Palm Beach. She is an inside dog so I am banking on that blazing speed on the rail getting the victory here. Hopefully I won't be scratching my head after this one.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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