Monday, July 1, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 7-2-13

 After hitting 6/15 (40%) in Monday's Matinee, we continue the winning into the Tuesday Matinee at "The Beach."

#1- 8 Budz White Satin- Too much rush and talent to stay in this "M" class any longer.

#2- 6 TF Ashley- Throw out the last stinker race. This pup can really pop the lid and has some serious slow breakers around her.

#3- 5 Line of Sight- Has hit the $$$ ticket 44/75 times (59%) last season and looked very good in a close 2nd place loss last time out.

#4- 1 Olexo- Best box for the super sprint and this racer just went 16.80 and won last time out.

#5- 1 Thurlow- Double grade drop and just ran an excellent schooling race. Hot 1 box seals it for me.

#6- 1 O Ya Furminator- This is the ultimate jump off the page play here. Hot 1 box, very competitive "A" dog dropping down to "B." Oh and it also flips the lid as good as anybody.

#7- 2 PJ Moonshine- Not a ton of talent in this "C" race. I think the 1 is going to get out in front but this closer will catch him and take the win.

#8- 1 Cranker Up- Rader Racing. The best Kennel at Palm Beach starts off the new season doing something it does more than anybody This racer gets the hot 1 box and is going for 3 in a row.

#9- 7 Gitto- The transfer from Gulf Greyhound Park rolls on to the Palm Beach scene with a great rush and slow breakers around him. Gets 1st win here.

#10- 2 Angela Mcglowan- Going for 2 in a row and is getting better every 660 long distance race she runs.

#11- 1 Fries And Shake- This dog is inconsistent but now gets the hot 1 box to sprint out of. Has the talent to beat this field. 30.32 last time out beats this field and their last race times.

#12- 4 San Tan Big Bang- Excellent rush on this one. Two fast breakers in the 1 and 2 box take each other out, opening up the win for this Steve Gilster Kennel racer.

#13- 5 Boc's Roadwork- Recent grade drop and close last time out. Has gone under 30 seconds last two "C" races.

#14- 6 Hotfoot Ace- Going for 4 in a row and 5 in a row in appearances. Hard to go against a racer that just wins every time. This "B" race will show all of us whether this is a potential superstar or not.

#15- 7 PJ Timeless- Rader Racing. Love that every time the top "A" racers go in the 660 lately, you have this one, Nidett, and CRT Marisol going against each other. PJ Timeless won by 8 lengths last time out against these racers and times have dropped last 3 races.

Good luck Palm Beach players! Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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