Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 7-17-13

We bring our winning picks to the Wednesday Matinee at "The Beach."

#1- Kiowa Raphael- Cannot ignore the 29.90 time and blistering speed out of the 8 box in the last schooling race. Ends the maiden madness.

#2- 8 Where's Pay Day- Grade drop and has shown pop out of the outside box in this class.

Daily Double 8-8

#3- 3 RCK Gold Rush- Close last two races.  Turns it into a win in this one for the Tru CRT Kennel.

#4- 1 Out of Law- Best box for the super sprint.  Should be able to get out in front in this one.

#5- 4 Centex Rowdy- Early speedsters in this race.  I'm going with the closer, who also is grade dropping.

Bet 3-  3-1-4

#6- 1 CRT Majestic- Has shown fantastic speed out of the inside 1 box. Was close last time out. Underwhelming "A" class race, with many of the Palm Beach stars not in this one.

#7- 8 CRT Zipper- Times are too good and too many 2nd place finishes for this to continue. Gets the win to FINALLY get out of this "D" class.

#8- 6 CBJ O'Reilly- Won out of this box a few races ago and stats are showing he prefers mid track for this long distance 660 race.

#9- 2 Cash Seeker- Rader Racing- Has hit the $$$ ticket every race she has been in since coming to Palm Beach.  Close last two races. Lots of early speed in this field and this one loves to close it out.

Bet 3 8-6-2 

#10- 1 Datta Hot 1 box and has much more class then anybody in this field.

#11- 6 TF Chucky Slick- Keeps getting the 6 box assignment and has won and popped the lid last two races. Continues the trend here.

#12- 3 Kiowa Kay Fannie- The trend with this one is win one and then have a stinker racer. Well she just had that stinker race.  Also loves the mid track and can really bolt out of the box when she wants.

Bet 4  2-1-6-3

#13- 6 CRT Under Age- Is grade dropping and just went under 30 seconds last time out.

#14- 5 Hello Mary Lou- Looks ready to win at this "B" class level. Recent times are better then what this field can offer.

Bet 3  3-6-5

#15- 1 Angela Mcglowan- Best box for the long distance 660 race. Got a slow start last time out and still almost won. The political analyst racer gets to the top class after this one.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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