Monday, July 15, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 7-16-13

We continue the winning week with the Tuesday Matinee at "The Beach."

#1- 2 Kiowa Precious- Showed good rush out of the same box in the schooling race last time out. Time to end the maiden madness.

#2- 1 Black Rocker- Rader Racing. Going for 2 in a row and gets the hot 1 box to boogie out of.  Not an overly impressive "C" class race.

#3- 8 Kebo Vdara- Rader Racing. Just went 29.88 with some excellent rush from the outside last time out. Could be another Rader super pup coming up the ranks.

#4- 7 Yahoo Charlie- Had to double check that this was a super sprint with this racer in it. It makes since though because of the really good pop the lid speed and was coming up short at the end. I'll give this Rader Racing sprinter a try.

#5- 6 Flying Honeybee- Times have dropped last 4 races and just missed last time out.

#6- 7 Ethereal Elation- Grade "A" hound dropping down here. One of the best plays at the track when this happens.  Consistently under 30 seconds in the "B" class.

#7- 1 Hilco Saint- Excellent rush and now gets the 1 box to pull this one out of.

#8- 4 Uncanny Ability- Has double the career wins then anybody in this field.

#9- 3 Crystal Katy P- Looked fantastic last race and looks to be able to out rush this field for her 2nd win in a row.

#10- 3 Don Coryell- Loves the rail and should be able to get there first.  Much more class then this field can offer.

#11- 8 San Tan Jag- Huge rush and times have dropped last 4 races. Wins at the end...barely.

#12- 6 Flying Rushin By- Going for 5 in a row. Making a case to challenge Rob Gronkowski on the Top 10 Greyhound list for Palm Beach I compile for July in a couple of weeks.

#13- 3 Atascocita Charo- Love taking an Atascocita racer from Suncoast Kennel every program if I can.  Lots of early speed and faders. Going with the closer.

#14- 4 Charlie Sheen- The Two and Half Men actor just missed last time out and has gone under 30 seconds last two races.

#15- 1 O Ya Dorothy- Rader Racing. Best box for the 660 long distance race and just missed last time out.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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