Friday, July 19, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Matinee 7-19-13

Bringing our winning picks to the Friday Evening races at "The Beach."

#1- 1 Royal Commander- Gets the 1 box to fire out of. Ends the maiden madness.

#2- 8 Shaelee Shocker- Excellent break out of the outside box. Just missed out on the win last time in this same 8 box.

#3- 2 Budz Chica Boom- Going for 2 in a row and is showing a nice rush. Setup by two slow breakers to each side.

#4- 4 Liberty Trail- Race of the night. Liberty Trail vs. Bocs Jalapeno the rematch. Going with Liberty Trail here because of the break and times that she has been putting up in the super sprint.

#5- 8 Olivia Wilde- Excellent break and a weak field gets this Rader Racing pup the win here.

#6- 5 Magic England- Throw out the last stinker race. This dog loves midtrack and not a ton of quality racers in this "B" race.

#7- 4 Tickle Me Tipper- The 2nd place showings end here FINALLY. Times have dropped last 4 races.

#8- 7 Mav's Billabong- Close last time out. Excellent rush and loves the outside boxes.

#9- 8 Atascocita Tammy- Love taking an Atascocita racer from Suncoast Kennel every program if I can.  Been coming up a bit short but I just don't see any racers in this field catching her after she takes the lead at the turn.

#10- 2 Bell Wire- Rader Racing. Going with an upset pick here. Love the box location for the long distance 660 race and Rader knows how to get their racers ready for the win.

#11- 6 Boc's Glory Daze- Really pops the lid. Not seeing a whole lot of early speed at all in this race to compete.

#12- 1 Superior Dune- One of the hotter racers at the track. Going for 3 in a row and gets the hot 1 box to fire out of.

#13- 8 PG Kele- Recent grade drop. Most class of this race. Went 30.25 out of the outside box a few races back in this class.

#14- 6 CRT Larry- Just missed last time out. Has an outstanding close. Gets the win for CRT/TRU Kennel.

#15- 8 Downings Destiny- Usually don't like taking an outside dog in the long 3/8ths mile race but this dog seems to not mind it at all.  Just missed last time out and was a close 2nd in this 8 box a few races back.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for wins picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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