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Top 10 Greyhounds Palm Beach Kennel Club July 2013

Top 10 Greyhounds At The Palm Beach Kennel Club July 2013
Another exciting month of races at the Palm Beach Kennel Club is behind us!  Here are my Top 10 greyhounds currently racing at "The Beach" for the month of July.

#1. Rob Gronkowski (A) ~  Rader Racing  545 Yard Racer

~Right now, there are very few Palm Beach watchers that would disagree that "The Gronk" is the best racer on the Royal Palm Course.  The Fathers Day champ owns the fastest time on the 545 yard course for the current season with a blistering time of 29.32.  Not only can Gronk bring the outstanding flip the lid speed, but also has added a tremendous close as well.  This is an all or nothing greyhound with only 2 places and show in 28 races all time.  This greyhound has the best chance currently of being able to run off a double digit win streak, which hasn't been done in a while at Palm. Currently has a 5 race winning streak and has won 9 out of 11.

#2 Liberty Trail (A) ~  Champions Racing Team 301 Yard Sprinter

~The best sprinter at Palm Beach right now. Once Bae Sang left a couple of months ago, it has been Liberty Trail's sprint course.  With the current season low sprint time of 16.46 and a current 4 race winning streak, not many sprinters are able to compete with her at the moment. Usually the 1 and 2 box dominate the sprint course but box assignment doesn't seem to matter to this sprinter. Last season, hit the $$$ ticket 78% of the time. Main rivals are Boc's Jalapeno and San Tan Snuggles, but neither are in this one's class currently. May be ready to go on a long winning streak going into August.

#3 NB's Nice And Easy (A) ~  Royal Racing Team  545 Yard Racer

~Our good buddy the Toledo Houndman owns this dog and she has been tearing up Palm Beach since her arrival last season.  Had an incredible 20 race streak snapped where she hit the $$$ ticket last time out on July 7th.  The Rooney's Ale Cup champ also finished in the top 4 last season an astonishing 81% of the time!  Currently on a break, look for this class of a greyhound to come back in August and continue her winning ways for the Royal Racing Team.

#4 Atascocita Golda (A) ~ Suncoast Racing  545 Yard Racer

~This may be a surprise to some because of this greyhound's past performances.  One race she would blitz a time in the mid 29 second range and then the next not even being competitive.  That is all starting to change in the month of July.  Currently riding a 3 race winning streak where she has gone under 30 seconds in all of them.  Has a tremendous rush and will not get caught from behind ever. Owns one of the best times this season already with a two 29.55 second blazing times.  Look for Golda to try and challenge Gronk for supremacy in August.

#5- Flying Rushin By (A) ~ Steve Gilster Kennel 545 Yard Racer

~The "fabulous" one.  May have the best rush of any racers at "The Beach." The Rooney's Ale champ sports a 29.82 best season time and has made the $$$ ticket 9 races in a row.  Only reason I didn't put this racer higher is because of the inability to close some races out. Most of the time, this racer is so far out in front that only the best closers can catch her.  Look for more winning from this early speedster in August.

#6- CRT Yusef- (A) ~ Champions Racing Team  545 Yard Racer

~An up and comer at the Palm Beach, this racer has reeled off 3 straight wins, all well under 30 seconds.  Always had a fantastic close, but now has added a rush to crush as well. Has hit the $$$ ticket in 10 out of 11 races (91%) all time and is currently undefeated in class A.  Look out for this racer in August as it seems that this racer is just starting to hit his stride.

#7- Yahoo Diablo (A) ~  Rader Racing 545 Yard Racer

~ Rader Racing just continues to have successful greyhounds at Palm Beach.  This racer is currently riding a 2 race wining streak and has gone under 30 seconds in the last 3.  Has hit the $$$$ ticket 17 out of 19 races (89%) all time at Palm.  Has one of the best rushes around but does have a tendency to be short if there is a good closer on her tail.  Look for this racer to continue her success into August.

#8- PJ Timeless (A) ~ Rader Racing 545 Yard Racer

~With a recent 5 race winning streak in July, it looked as though this long distance racer was about to take over the 660 scene at Palm Beach.  The last two races have been very forgettable, with big early leads quickly vanishing at the end. Has hit the $$$$ ticket an impressive 31 out of 34 races (91%) all time at Palm. I still see potential for this early speedster.  Rader Racing has decided to move this racer to the 545 distance, which should help with the coming up short efforts that we have been seeing.

#9- Kiowa Kay Fannie (A) ~ Royal Racing Team 545 Racer

~One of the best closers at Palm Beach period.  If this one is on your tail at the end and you can close, forget about it. Has gone under 30 seconds in 4 out of 5 races.

#10- Nidett (A) ~ North Shore Kennel 660 Racer

-With PJ Timeless heading back to the 545 distance, Nidett may be the best racer at the long distance.  She is currently on a break, but expect her to be back sometime in August ready to take back her status as the best there is.  14 wins last year and the most consistency of any long distance racer out there. Very weak 660 racing going on right now but expect that to pick up once stakes season starts in the fall.

Honorable Mention- WS White Jean, San Tan Snuggles, Boc's Jalapeno, GMC Diane Sawyer, SS Cyclone, Relativity, Superior Disco, CRT Majestic, Jawa Bruiser.

*Since Atascocita Henri hasn't raced since April 20th, I did not include him on this list.  From people I have talked to at Palm Beach, expect Henri to be back racing in September.  Look forward to seeing the 2012-2013 wins leader back on the Royal Palm Course again this fall. 

Best Rushers 545 Race
#1-Flying Rushin By
#2- Jawa Bruiser
#3- Rob Gronkowski

Best Closers 545 Race
#1- GMC Diane Sawyer
#2- Kiowa Kay Fannie
#3- CRT Yusef

Top Pups
#1- Rob Gronkowski
#2- SS Cyclone
#3- Relativity

Top Kennels
#1- Rader Racing
#2- Royal Racing
#3 B & B Racing


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