Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Thursday Matinee 7-4-13

 Happy 4th of July! Love the program for today's races at "The Beach."  Lets get it.

#1- SKN Megastar- Three out of four races have been 2nd in the "M" class. Time to turn that into a 1st here with a good rush a slow breakers around.

#2- 8 CRT Sarah Palin- Love the box for this rusher. Has hit the $$$ ticket 21/30 times (70%).

#3- 2 Linkin- Best time of this field (29.97) and rushes well out of the inside. Wide open race here, so it might not be a bad play to put a few on a big longshot.

#4- 3 Distinguished- Times have dropped last 3 sprint races. A "TC" sprint race with only 2 "C" racers in it, with this racer being one of them. Slow times around him here. Flip that lid!

#5- 5 Joe Bean- Looked at this race for quite a while. Went with the racer with a good rush and also has shown some closing speed as well.

#6- 8 Mulberry Chloe- Setup by the slow breaker in the 7, this outstanding speed rusher holds on for the victory....barely.

#7- 4 Flyin Philosophy- Awesome schooling race of 30.21 hard to ignore. Has good rush, slow breakers around him. 29.57 best time outclasses this field.

#8- 3 BF Par Olive- Times have dropped last 3 races and looks primed to win one here for Agganis Kennel in the long 660 race.

#9- 1 Hotfoot Jack- Great schooling race last time out plus the hot 1 box to rush out of is good enough for a "J" class win here.

#10- 4 Rob Gronkowski- Love these big times races with most every dog having a legit chance to win. Going with my favorite racer here. Going for 5 in a row, with 3 of those wins being out of this same 4 box. Go Gronk!

#11- 8 Keeper DS Franco- Hot 8 box, double grade drop. Unless there is something wrong with this racer, no reason why he can't outclass this field.

#12- 1 Barts Shimmer- The "A" hound transfer from Melbourne schools a 38.24 for the long distance 660 race at Palm Beach. Gets the hot 1 box and is in the "C" class. Slam dunk play for me.

#13- 6 Turbo Skeet- Double grade drop. The former super sprinter takes over this "C" class and gets the win for Rader Racing.

#14- 1 OYa Nine Won Won- Rader Racing. Gets another chance in the 1 box after letting one go last time out. Boogies out of the box and holds on for victory here.

#15- 5 Turbo Earl- Rader Racing- Not one of these racers even broke 30 seconds last time out. This racer did with a 29.84 and won in the top "A" class. Gets 2 in a row here.

Good luck Palm Beach players! Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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