Thursday, June 6, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 6-7-13

After hitting 6/15 (40%) in Thursday's Matinee, we will continue our positive picks into the nighttime racing at "The Beach."

#1- 6  L The Hulk-  Times have been impressive in the previous races.  Rader Racing pup doesn't impress me in this one.

#2- 2 WW's Kuniya- Recent grade drop. Times have dropped last three races.

#3- 8 KB's Wiggins- Rader Racing. Flew out of the box last time out, which bodes well for this hot 8 box.

#4- 8 With Dignity- Has finished in 2nd four out of the last 6 races. Gets a shot in the 8 box to reverse that into a win.

#5- 1 Flyin Drumm Farm- Times have dropped last three races and gets the 1 box to work in.

#6- 2 U Too Beltre- Been cruising since coming back from the super sprint.  Going for 3 in a row and just went 29.92 last time out. 

#7- 2 Pat C Who Did It- Grade drop. Love inside boxes in this class.

#8- 6 WW Penske Semi- Looking for 1st win since transferring over from Debeque.

#9- 5 Budz Masquerade- Showin some serious boogie out of the box in the "M" class.  Brings that speed out for 2nd straight win.

#10- 6 Prissy Bones- You rocket up the charts like this one has, you either are a potential super dog or a wonder.  This one has the speed out of the box to win in the top "A" class.

#11- 1 Classy Cameo- Recent grade drop + hot 1 box = victory.

#12- 2 Distortion- Close last two races and gets an inside box to get out of this "D" long distance class.

#13- 8 L's Hulla- Liking the speed and the schooling time of this transfer from Naples.  8 box helps solidify my pick.

#14- 8 Pretty Cozy- "A" hound dropping down to "B" is one of the best plays at the track. Give this one the 8 box with a 29.97 win last time in this class seals it for me.

#15- 1 Hookem Shakee- Recent grade drop. Went 38.01 in this long distance "C" class race last time outand in the hot one box as well.

Good luck Palm Beach players. Thank you for checking in on the #1 free site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club!

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