Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 6-5-13

Taking the winning to Wednesday's Matinee at "The Beach."

#1- 2 Pat C HandsOff- Times have dropped the last three races, including the last win.

#2- 8 HS Out Of Sight- Rader Racing.  Flys out of the box.  Went 29.98 in the last race for the win.  Pretty weak "D" class race.

#3- 7 Pat C Cream Crop- I said the same thing about Leeroy Jenkins and Fly Chris Brown before.  There is no excuse to have this type of breaking speed and still be in this "M" class for this long.  Both Rader dogs in this race don't impress me.  Finally gets the win and gets off to the "J" class.

#4- 3 Courtesy Flush- Grade drop. Just won in this class last time out.  Watch out for the newcomer in the 8 box Boc's Cayenne.

#5- 6 CRT Sarah Palin- Grade drop. Really drops the hammer out of the box in this class.

#6- 6 Valle Crucisgirl- Grade drop. One of the best plays at the track is the "A" hound dropping down to "B."  Since December, this one hasn't run more then 2 races in a row in this class without winning.

#7- 8 BL Skedaddle- Grade drop + hot outside 8 box = victory.

#8- RT Cup Cake- Went with the hound that has times that have dropped the last 3 races in the long distance 660 race.

#9- 8 TK Acclamation- Same box last time out and nearly snagged the season's 1st victory.  Gets it done here.

#10- 2 SKN Prado- Recent grade drop. Very weak "C" class race here that could be difficult to handicap.

#11- 6 Precious Bones- Can straight up boogie out of the box.  Look for this one to break 30 seconds in this class.

#12- 1 Kiowa Tide Rough- One of the hottest racers at "The Beach" until last race in the top class.  I will give it another shot in the hot 1 box to see if the magic comes back.  29.56 best time.

#13- 3 FF Cookie- Grade drop. Just went 29.83 in this class for the win last time out.

#14- 1 JS Sum Fun- Speed really comes out when she enters this "B" class. Gets 15th season victory.

#15- 6 Flejling- No Nidett this time to stand in the way of this top long distance racer.  

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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