Monday, June 10, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 6-11-13

We continue our winning into the Tuesday Matinee at "The Beach."

#1- 4 KB's Bolo Wish- FINALLY a Rader Racing "M" pup that can bring it. Been a little while. One of the best bets at the track is the Rader "M" pups.

#2- 1 Where's Bitting- Gets the hot 1 box again to try and duplicate what she did last time out, which was win in a blazing time of 29.82.

#3- 1 Dream Shores- Grade drop and hot 1 box. This dog can pop the lid out of the box in this "D" class.

#4- 1 CH Star Trek- Best box for the super sprint is the 1. This dog just went 16.87 out of the outside box and was close to the win.

#5- 7 WWK Brown Comet- Has some pop out of the box and looks primed for the 545 win after the recent switch from the super sprint.

#6- 5 Jeds B Trump- Rushes the best from the middle boxes.  29.90 last time out.

#7- 5 Direct Response- Weak "C" class race. Both dogs to each side of this one are slow rushers, giving this a clear lane for her 9th victory of the season.

#8- 2 Wine and Roses- Double grade drop. Rushes well from the inside and has dominated this class in the past.

#9- 1 R's MyKindaCandy- Only dog to break 30 seconds in this race. Went 29.99 in the inside box two races ago.

#10- 3 Baby Kaitlyn- Grade drop. Has been in the money almost 50% of the time at Palm Beach this season.

#11-8 O Ya Jennifer- Rader Racing. These O Ya dogs can really run.  Times have dropped last 4 races and now gets a chance to break out of the hot 8 box.

#12- 5 MV's Destiny- Going for two in a row and two out of three here in the top "A" class. Looks to break the best from the middle boxes.

#13- 2 Palm City Jade- Brutal "D" race here. This one has the best break in the inside boxes and is between two slow starters.  Should get seasons 5th win.

#14- 5 Kebo Tillman- Rader Racing. This kennel just knows when to bring a transfer into Palm Beach.  This one from Debeque was crushing the competition and now gets a shot at "B" grade talent in South Florida.  Straight up winning almost 50% of the time in the top class over there is crazy good.

#15- 2 Gable Daughtry- Grade drop. 38.01 and a win in this class before. One of the better plays at Palm Beach is the "A" dog dropping down to "B."

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. 

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