Thursday, June 6, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Matinee 6-7-13

Time to bring the winning picks to the 1st card of Friday's racing at "The Beach."

#1- 2 NB's Sainty Sun- Rader pup in this race isn't impressing me.  Fast time out of inside box last time out.

#2- 5 Tickle Me Tipper- Finished 2nd four races in a row with times under 30 seconds 3 of those times! Something has to give here and I am going with a win.

#3- 1 London Paris- Hot 1 box and times have dropped last four races.

#4- 2 San Tan Bueno- Recent grade drop. Inside box gets 11th win of the season.

#5- 5 MC Darkness- Has had success in this "D" class in the past.

#6- 1 Kiowa Kay Fannie- Blazing time of 29.66 last time out and in the hot 1 box is too much to ignore in this "B" class.

#7- 8 Adalee- Recent grade drop. Has shown great speed out of the outsides boxes.

#8- 1 Pat C Hard Look- Is showing the best break of this field and is in the best box of them all.

#9- 3 HS Venus- Rader Racing. Times have dropped last three races and is showing some boogie out of the box.

#10- 5 Kiowa Super Sol- Recent double grade drop. Has dominated in this "D" class in the past.

#11- 8 Paid Informer- Recent grade drop and the hot 8 box = victory.

#12- 8 Fancy Flare- Recent grade drop and has success in the past out of this box and in this class.

#13- 2 Wine and Roses- Weak "C" class gives the inside box the win here.

#14- 5 CBJ Keys- Times have dropped last 2 races, including 29.98 last time out.

#15- 8 Superior Mallory- Grade drop and has dominated the long distance TD 660 race.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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