Thursday, June 27, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 6-28-13

Bringing our winning picks to the Friday Evening races at "The Beach."

#1- 3 Kiowa Select- Not one dog sticks out in this race. Going with the racer that has some speed out of the box and has the best recent times of this field.

#2- 7 HS Jones- The 1 Ultra Sloan will have the lead but watch out for this double grade drop hound to reel him in by the end.

#3- 3 Cash Seeker- Rader Racing. One of the best plays at the track is the Rader "M" pups.

#4- 8 KBs Like A Fox- Seems to be the hottest sprinter out of the bunch and can really get it going out of the box in this super sprint race.

#5- 1 PJ Mudside- Close 2nd last time out of the same hot 1 box. Gets it done in this one for the seasons 4th win.

#6- 7 Relativity- Close 2nd last time out and has gone under 30 seconds 4 out of the last 5 races. Set up by the slow breaker in the 6.

#7- 2 SS Cyclone- After the hiccup last time out, this young racer finds his form and gets back down near 30 seconds. Must out sprint the other insiders to have a chance.

#8- 8 Palm City Pearl- The #2 Cajun Bakin will be in the lead near the end but this racer will get it at the finish line. Also has hit the pay sheet over 50% of the time at Palm Beach this season.

#9- 3 Odd Mustang- Just snapped an 0-22 streak and looks to be much stronger then the rest of this field.

#10- 1 Julius Adams- Best box for the long distance 660 race is the hot 1 box.  Also is a grade drop to the "D" class, which he has a lot of success in.

#11- 4 Gable Rydell- Recent double grade drop and a close 2nd place last time turn into a win here.

#12- 8 NBs Nice And Easy- One of the top 10 greyhounds at Palm Beach. Gets to sprint out of the 8 box, with the 7 going inside.

#13- 7 Kaias Cherry- Showing a fantastic rush from the latest schooling race, blazing a 29.94.

#14- 6 MVs Destiny- Recent grade drop from the top "A" class. Close 2nd last time out and should be able to out rush the two dogs next to her.

#15- 6 Tippi Hedren- Close 2nd two out of the last 3 races. Has good pop out of the box and holds on for the 660 long distance race win.

Good luck Palm Beach players! Thanks for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks anywhere at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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