Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top 10 Greyhounds At The Palm Beach Kennel Club June 2013

June 2013

Here is my list of the Top 10 racers at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for June 2013. I will update this list every month. Leave comments on what you think about this list!

#1-Atascocita Henri (A)  545 Racer~ Suncoast Kennel.
~Even though he is on paternity leave, he is still the best greyhound at this racetrack until somebody beats him. Seasons best 32 wins and winning an astonishing 54% of the time. I have heard from multiple sources that she is coming back in July. Will be honored July 4th for being the top dog of the season, along with Rader Racing for the kennel championship.

#2-Rob Gronkowski   (A)  545 Racer~ Rader Racing.
~Cemented himself as a superstar at this track with 3 straight wins at the top level, including the Father's Day race when he took out San Tan Sawbones and Jawa Bruiser.

#3- Nidett (A) 660 Racer~ North Shore Kennel.
~Simply the best long distance racer at Palm Beach. If she is in the 1 box, forget about even looking at any other greyhound. 

#4- San Tan Sawbones (A) 545 Racer~ Steve Gilster Kennel
~This dog absolutely pops the lid out of the box.  Has 15 wins on the season and has hit the pay sheet 41 out of 65 times.

#5- Daphne Zuniga (A) 545 Racer~ Brindle Kennel.
~Is a potential superstar at this track. Besides one hiccup in her 1st "B" race, she almost went from the "M" class to the top "A" class without losing. A very big accomplishment!  Her past race on June 23rd, she out rushed O Ya Cookieman to win her 1st "A" class race. Has won 6 out of 7 races she has been in so far this season. 

#6-Boc's Jalapeno (A) 301 Sprinter~ Pat Collins/ Neola Kennel.
~The top sprinter at the track. Has only been beat once since coming over from Southland. Blazing fast time of 16.60 this season. Would love to see this sprinter go against one time sprint rockstar Bae Sang.

#7- NB's Nice and Easy (A) 545 Racer~ Royal Racing Team.
~17 wins and a 29.48 top time this season.  One of the most consistent rushers and is also consistently under 30 seconds in the 545.

#8- Jawa Bruiser (A) 545 Racer~ Royal Racing Team.
~If this one isn't the best rusher at the track, he's in the conversation. 16 wins on the season and a best time of 29.58. Getting back into form after an extended layoff. 

#9- Liberty Trail (A) 301 Sprint Racer~ CRT Kennel.
~ If it wasn't for Boc's Jalapeno, this would be the top sprinter at the track. 15 wins on the season and a 16.62 best sprint time.

#10- Flying Rushing By (A) 545 Racer~ Steve Gilster Kennel
- Out of 60 races this season, this hound has won or placed in 30 of them (50%).  Has also hit the $$ ticket 49/60 times this season (82%).

Honorable Mention: Rosmor Windy, Atascocita Sasha, PJ Timeless, WS White Jean, Dave's Hoorah.


  1. Nice list... off the top of my head a few honorable mentions would be PJ Timeless.. Rosmor Windy... wow so many nice pups have moved on to better tracks its unfortunate...


  2. Like the honorable mention idea. I added it in. You are right about great dogs leaving this track. Bae Sang comes right to mind. I thought about adding Rosmor Windy but I felt the times and the competition it has beaten isn't as good as the others. She keeps it up and I will for sure be adding her to the end of July list. PJ Timeless is really coming on strong in the 660.

  3. Good Call with White Jean.. always loved this track.. had troubles when went to tougher tracks.. still running very well here at an older age. Great work.