Thursday, May 16, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 5-17-13

#1- 7 Odd Drake- Close last three races and best times of this maiden field.

#2- 1 Super C Willie- Hot 1 box and can fly out on the inside.

#3- 1 O Ya Nicole- Rader Racing. These O Ya dogs can really run.  Hot 1 box gets her 2nd win here.

#4- 5 Pat C Defiance- Recent grade drop and has gone 16.78 previously in the super sprint.

#5- 6 Atascocita Genie- Love taking an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel every program.  29.70 best time.

#6- 8 Palm City Ruby- Grade drop from the "A" class. Can fly out of the box in this wide open "B" race.

#7- 6 PJ Eat My Dust- Can get out of the box with decent speed.  Gets 6th win of the season here.

#8- 8 Hilco Saint- This one can absolutely bolt out of the outside box.  One of my favorite picks of the night.

#9- 8 NB's Jasmine-  Can have good speed out of the outside box.  Pretty weak "J" race.

#10- 5 LeaveHimAlone- Has won 2 out of the last 3 races in the top class and 3 out of 6. 

#11- 7 Flying EagleWing- Grade drop into the "D" class where he has dominated in the past.

#12- 1 Tippi Hedren- Inside hot 1 box and best recent times of the field.

#13- 6 WW Kay East War- Wide open field here.  Can boogie out of the box.

#14- 5  Wine and Roses- Has been competitive in the "B" class.  Gets it done to become board certified.

#15- 5 NB's All Rounder- Schooling time is the best of this field recently.

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