Thursday, May 9, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 5-10-13

1- 2 Ethereal Phantom-  Excellent speed out of the inside box. Has been close last two races and has the best times of the field.

#2- 8 BS Google- Grade drop. Can have good starting speed out of the inside box.  Went 29.81 last win in this class.

#3- 1 HKF Scrappy- Close last three races.  Wins or places over 50% of the time this season at Palm Beach.

#4- 4 KB's Vantex- Grade drop.  Has success in the super sprint in this class.

#5- 1 Super C Willie- Recent grade drop and in the hot 1 box.  Gets 11th win of the season.

#6- 4 Braska Flapper- Rader Racing. Usually I don't take dogs going up in class, but this dog may be special. Going for 5 in a row.

#7- 3 KB's Gigi- Best times in an extremely weak field.

#8- 8 BudJamisonStooge- Grade drop. Can fly out of the outside box and hold on at the end.

#9- 3 HS Onamission- Rader Racing. Pup seems to be getting better each week.  Already at 30.15.

#10- 1 NB's Nice N Easy- One of the best dogs at the track and in the hot 1 box.  One of my top picks of the night.

#11- 7 BL Best Boy- Grade drop. Fastest starting times of the field.  Gets the win in the "D" class.

#12- 5 Flying Visionist- 38.40 last time out in the 660 long distance race. Best times of the field.

#13- 7 Gable Obadiah- Recent grade drop. No dog in this field has ever broke 30, which is rare even for a D race.  There may be an upset in this one.

#14- 5 UMR Long Shot- Grade drop.  After ascending to the top of the "A" class as quick as anybody, this one drops down to "B" for the win.  Another solid pick for the night.

#15- 6 Hel's Bit Of Fun- Recent double grade drop. Ends the night with her 7th win.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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