Friday, May 10, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Saturday Matinee 5-11-13

After going 9/15 (60%) for my win picks in the matinee yesterday, we'll try to keep the winning going.

#1-6 Off The Noggin- 30.35 last schooling race is much better then this field can offer.

#2- 7 WW's Pine- Rader Racing. Better outside box then last race for this transfer speedster from Gulf Greyhound. Gets 2nd win at Palm Beach this season.

#3- 2 RazorJulie- Grade drop.  Has won last 2 races at the "D" class.

#4- 2 San Tan Bueno- Loves the inside boxes. 16.81 best time.

#5- 5 Budz Tone Lo- Recent grade drop.  29.73 best time is by far the fastest of this very weak "D" class race.

#6- 5 NB's Perazzi- Recent grade drop. Can absolutely fly out of the box in this class.

#7- 4 FF Cookie- Most consistent times of this group.  Went 29.71 two races ago.

#8- 5 Magic Spine- Grade drop.  Won last two "D" races he has been in.

#9- 1 Orbach N O'Hara- Really weak field for this one.  Close last race out of this same box.

#10- 7 Gable Tawny- Grade drop. Won last "TD" race and is consistently in the 38 second range.

#11- 8 PJ Eat My Dust- Can fly out of the outside box and times have dropped the last three races.  Look for an under 30 second race in this one.

#12- 7 Atascocita Edwin- Love to take an Atascocita dog from Sunoast Kennel every program.  Won last race and times have dropped the last 5 races.

#13- 1 O Ya Dorothy- Rader Racing. Is one of 2 dogs in the race to have already gone under 30 seconds.  In the hot 1 box gets it done here.

#14- 3 Atascocita Golda- Had to do a double take when I saw that this one was grade dropped to "B." Was near the top of my list of one of the top dogs at Palm Beach just a few weeks ago.  One of my favorite picks of the day.

#15- 1 Budz Seasons- One of the better 660 racers at Palm Beach right now. Out of the hot one box.

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