Thursday, May 2, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Matinee 5-3-13

#1- 7 NB's Jasmine- Not a great Rader Racing pup to get here, so I will go with the pup that has had her times fall the last three races.

#2- 2 Linkin- Good speed out of the inside box.

#3- 2 O Ya Dorothy- Rader Racing. These O Ya dogs can really run.  Inside box and a 29.87 time already to show.

#4- 4 Abenakee- Grade drop.  Is in the top 3 almost every time it drops to this TC class.

#5- 8 O Ya Fast Freddy- Rader Racing.  I like the speed out of the 8 box.  Wins 75% at Palm Beach.

#6- 8 Yo Gabba Gabba- Grade drop.  Has been successful in the outside boxes in the "B" class.

#7- 8 Boc's Da Shrimp- Good speed out of the outside box.  Gets 1st win on the season in this weak field race.

#8- 3 WWK PaylessShoes- Recent"A" class drop looks good in this "B" race.

#9- 1 Turbo Fire Break- Rader Racing.  Transfer from Gulf Greyhound gets 1st win at Palm Beach out of the hot 1 box.

#10- 2 WW's Pine- Another transfer from Gulf Greyhound, another Rader win. Showed a lot of speed out of the inside box in the initial schooling race.

#11- 8 Hel's Bit Of Fun- Recent grade drop and shouldn't have a problem getting in front of the pack and holding it around the bend.

#12- 3 Tapstar Babalou- Grade drop.  Excellent speed out of the box in the "D" class.

#13- 8 Atascocita Harve- Have to take an Atascocita dog out of Suncoast Kennel every program.  Recent "A" hound drops down to the "C" for the win out of the outside box.

#14- 2 Atascocita Hera- Class of the field.  29.60 a few races ago.

#15- 1 Atascocita Tiera- Been the class of the 660 races at Palm Beach lately.  37.82 last time out.  In the hot 1 box.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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