Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Thursday Matinee 5-2-13

#1- 7 Turbo Mimosa- The best bet at Palm Beach is the Rader Racing "M" pups.  This is one of the more competitive "M" class races I have handicapped in a while.

#2- 3 Atascocita Drew- I always have to take an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel every race program.  Going for 3 in a row.

#3- 2 HS Optimus- Rader Racing.  Looked very impressive last race with his initial speed out of the box.

#4- 7 Craigie Scooter- Grade drop. Won last "C" class race with 29.80 best time.

#5- 8 Craigie Macey B- Extremly weak field for this "D" class race.  Should rush in from the outside.

#6- 4 JS Angel Touch- Grade "A" hound drops down to "B" for it's 11th win of the season. 29.62 a few races ago.

#7- 8 Pretty Cozzy- Recent grade drop.  Does well in the outside boxes in this class.

#8- 7 Atascocita Genie- Grade drop.  29.70 last time out in the "D" class.

#9- 3 Yahoo Charlie- Rader Racing.  Good speed out of the box.

#10- 4 Baby Kaitlyn- Recent grade drop.  Looks to be the best 660 racer in this field.

#11-8 BL Baby Blue- Grade drop.  Has won last two "C" races. Does well out of the outside boxes.

#12- 2 Pat C Singer- Best recent time of the card.  Goes for 10th season win.

#13- 2 Bob's Pate- Nipped at wire last two races.  Gets it done from the inside box in this one.

#14- 5 CBJ Largo- Grade drop.  Went 29.64 last time out in the "B" class.

#15- 6 Hookem Tiffi- Drops down to the "C" class to win this one.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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