Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Matinee 4-26-13

#1- 3 Pat C Cream Crop- Best speed out of the box.  Holds on for it's first win sending it to the "J" class.

#2- 4 Ethereal Destiny- Has won or placed at Palm Beach 57% of the time. Closer out of the middle box.

#3- 7 Boc's Da Shrimp- Great speed out of the outside box. Gets 1st season win here.

#4- 1 BlackJack Tonya- 16.82 last time out, best time of the field.

#5- 1 CRT Ginny- Right near 30 flat the past 3 races. Out of the hot 1 box.

#6- 4 Jawa Bruiser- No Atascocita Golda or Henri here to take out the Bruiser.

#7- 2 Boc's Roadwork- Recent grade drop. Good speed out of the inside box.

#8- 3 Bright Day- Recent grade drop.  Gets 1st win at Palm Beach.

#9- 6 Braska Flapper- Times keep dropping, good for the win in a weak "J" field.

#10- 4 Belle's Romeo- Close loss last time out.  Fastest time recently.

#11- 3 Magic Buster- Finished a close 2nd three times in a row by an eyelash.  He gets it in this one.

#12- 8 Dreckly- One of the fastest previous times of this field.  Should be in the lead at the bend and hold it.

#13- 3 Go Bon Bitterend- Has won or placed at Palm Beach 46% of the time.

#14- 3 NB's Nice and Easy- Wins or places over 53% of the time at Palm Beach.  Is consistently going under 30 seconds.

#15- 4 Atascocita Tiera- Data has shown after a sub par performance, this "A" class hound comes out firing.  Watch out for that here.

Good luck Palm Beach Players!

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