Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 4-26-13

#1- 5 Stormin J Gun- Best break and fastest time recently (30.22) of the bunch.

#2- 7 Flying Anubis- Recent grade drop from the "B" class.  Went 29.85 out of this box two races ago.

#3- 6 O Ya Nicole- Been a few programs since a Rader Racing "M" pup looked like it could win.  Here come the newest O Ya pup.  30.23 last time out.

#4- 6 Deco Hesaway- Consistently goes under 17 seconds in the super sprint from the middle boxes.

#5- 2 Turbo Orlanda- Grade drop and Rader Racing dogs go together very nicely. Gets her 12th win here.

#6- 8 NFL Sly- The Rader Racing transfer dog comes into Palm Beach and begins it's journey with a win.

#7- 5 Splash Of White- Wins or places 45% of the time at Palm Beach.

#8- 3 DK's Perfection- Under 30 from the middle boxes recently.

#9- Sal Pal- Rader Racing.  Is due for a bust out race here.

#10- 4 TB's Scarlet- Good break and does well from the middle boxes. 29.46 best times is one of the best around.

#11- 8 RCK Jewel- Recent grade drop.  Good outside box and close last race.

#12- 6 ER Jamie- Close last few races.  Weaker field gives Jamie her 8th win.

#13- 2 CRT Sarah Palin-Almost 50% win win rate at Palm Beach.  Excellent speed out of the inside 2 box.

#14- 8 Flying Southwell- Recent grade drop and great speed out of the outside 8 box.

#15- 7 Ace Ventura- Grade drop.  Went 29.76 out of the same 7 box in the grade "D" class a few weeks back.

Didn't see an Atascocita dog I liked here for this program.  Usually I would pick at least 1!

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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