Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 Win Percentage Me Vs. The Experts

After running the statistics for the month of April 2013, here are the win percentage breakdowns for the Palm Beach Kennel Club expert picks.  These include picks from Jeff Prince, Randy Birch and the Palm Beach Race Program and myself.  These statistics run from April 4th (when I started tracking the data) through the rest of the month.

Me: 140 total wins picked out of 524 races = 27%

Prince Picks: 131 total wins picked out of 523 races = 25%

Birch: 49 total win picks out of 240 races = 20%

PB Program: 111 total win picks out of 525 races = 21%

So your best free win picker at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for the month of April was me!  My 27% is still below my 35-40% goal but I will take beating the experts anytime. 

With new handicapping methods being used and this win already in my pocket, I will continue to strive to be your best source of free win picks anywhere.  Keep following along daily to see how I am doing and to see if you can make any $$$$ off my picks.

Palm Beach Jason - 1

Experts-  0

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