Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Palm Beach Win Picks Thursday Matinee 4-18-13

#1-1 Fly Chris Brown- It's about time for this dog to win. Hot 1 box and a 30.15 time last race should do it.

#2- 1 CRT Sarah Palin- Best speed out of the 1 box. Has won or placed in 50% of it's races so far at PB.

#3- 8 Pat C Cream Crop- Has finished in the top 3 in 5 out of 7 races.  Good speed out of the 8 box.

#4- 6 Lateral Pass- Best times of the field in this sprint race.

#5- 8 KB's Midlothian- Best recent times of the field.  Almost went under 30 last race. In a favorable box in the 8.

#6- 7 Bills Bulbs- Grade "A" hound drops down to "B" for win. Big time closing speed.

#7- 4 Splash Of White- Has won or placed in almost 45% of races at Palm Beach.

#8- 4 Atascocita Kelly- Grade drop. Was doing ok at the "C" class. Dominates the "D" field.

#9- 4 Orbach N O'hara- By far, the best times of the field and has good early speed to get out of the brutal 4 box. Went under 30 already in the "J" class.

#10-6 HS Fargo- Rader Racing, best times of the field.

#11-7 Chopin Block- Just went under 30 last race. Weak field.

#12-3 O Ya Cookieman- Rader Racing. Loves the middle boxes.

#13-6 Superior Dune- Superior dogs have been winning a lot lately. This one has the best times of the field. Under 30 three times in the past 6 races.

#14-2 Yo Gabba Gabba- Has been close in last races.  Times have gone down to under 30 seconds the last four races. Good speed box.

#15-2 Lazy K Ortiz- Best time of the field.  Will get pushed by the #1 dog Membur.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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