Thursday, April 18, 2013

Palm Beach Win Picks Friday Matinee 4-19-13

#1- 8 Odd Mustang- Fast time out of the 8 box.

#2- 3 Superior Destroy- Superior dogs have been doing well lately at PB. Fast time last race and has gone under 30 already.

#3- 2 Kebo Urlacher- Under 30 last two races.  Does well out of the 2 box.

#4- 1 Pat C Side Look- Best sprinter at PB.

#5- 6 RCK Jewel- Fastest time of the field.  Has won or placed nearly 43% of the time at PB.

#6- 8 San Tan Spangled- Went 29.49 last race, beating Wanda's Williams who is in this race.

#7- 7 Flying Ames- Good speed out of the outside box.

#8- 7 Kay Rock World- Times have dropped last five races. Under 30 last race.

#9- 2 Nitro Moody Blue- Great speed out of the 2 box.

#10- 8 Creeper- Rader Racing. Has been 2nd last two races in this class.  Has won or placed in 4/6 races (67%).

#11-1 WW's Drag Race- Best times of the field.

#12- 4 Glagow- Grade drop. Dominates the "C" class.

#13-1 Racin Mason- Best recent times of the field out of the hot 1 box.

#14-5 San Tan Big Bang- 29.56 last race in the "A" class.

#15- 1 Bob's Carie- Best recent time of the field.  Good box for the start of the 660.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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