Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Palm Beach Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 4-17-13

#1-8 Sal Pal- Rader Racing. Close the past races and out of the 8 box with good opening speed.
#2-1 PJ Mustang- Excellent speed out of the hot 1 box.
#3-8 Kebo Venus- Rader Racing.  They seem to win the majority of the "M" races.
#4-7 Atascocita Elois Has won or placed in 40% of races at PB.
#5-4 Blackstone- Rader Racing, almost won last time.  Has placed in the top 4 in all 9 races it has ran.
#6-3 GoGo Delana- Another Rader Racing pick.  Finished 2nd in the last two races.
#7-8 Gez Smokin Bev- Great box for the speed.  Has steadily improved with her times the last 4 races.
#8-3 ER Jamie- Almost won last race.  Best time of the field.
#9-8 DK's Perfection- Speed out of the 8 box.
#10-2 Shayso- Fastest time of the field and is fast out of the box in this 660 race.
#11- 8 O Ya Jennifer- One of the hottest racers at the track.  Wins from the outside.
#12-8 O Ya Furminator- Rader Racing, loves the outside box.
#13-1 KB's Gigi- Grade drop, hot 1 box.
#14-5 BL Skedaddle- Running the best out of the field.  Just went under 30 last time out.
#15-6 Palm City Pamela- Race of the day here.  Watch Pamela battle Nidett until the end here.
Good luck Palm Beach players!

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