Friday, April 19, 2013

Best Bet At Palm Beach

A not so hidden secret at the Palm Beach Kennel Club is that Rader Racing dominates overall.  But something that has not been talked about that I have heard is the success of trainer Yong Rader and developing the young pups in the "M" class.

Here is a small sample size....this week through evening races on Friday 4-19-13, there have been 10 M races.  Rader Racing has had 7 of those winners for an amazing 70% win rate!

This kennel is close to 50% in being in the $$$$ with all of its racers, but it seems to me that the M dogs are clearly right now the best bet at the track.  With the M races usually the 1st and sometimes a 3rd race as well to start the racing program, it is a great way to get your day at the track started right with this very good chance bet.

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