Friday, April 19, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Saturday Afternoon 4-20-13

#1-8 PJ Mustang- Great speed out of the 8 box.

#2- 1 San Tan Muskogee-Won last race, out of the hot 1 box.  Great opening speed.

#3- 2 O Ya Norma- Rader Racing, 29.58 last race.

#4- 3 Courtesy Flush- Grade drop for this speed rush.

#5- 8 M's Black Axle- Great speed out of the outside box.

#6- 3 L's Carla Clown- Under 30 in last three races.  One of the best "A" dogs at the track right now.

#7- 6 Turbo Dallas- Rader Racing, almost won last race after having a grade drop.

#8- 1 Craggie Scooter- Just went 29.80 out of the same hot 1 box last time out.

#9- 7 O Ya Fast Freddy- Rader Racing, best time of the field last time out.

#10- 7 Atascocita Alcie- Always have to pick an Atascocita runner from Suncoast Racing.  Looks to have the best times of the bunch with a recent grade drop.

#11-1 Boc's Roadwork- Recent grade drop.  In the hot 1 box.

#12-1 Ol Stewball- Just won out of this box last race.  This is for the Puppy Stakes crown.

#13- 2 Gez Smokin Bev- Times have been dropping every single week. Just missed out on the win last week.

#14- 3 Atascocita Henri- The best dog at the track.  No Jawa Bruiser to push him this weekend.

#15-6 Atascocita Tiera- Looked great last race.  Wins or places 45% of the time at PB.

Good luck Palm Beach Players and enjoy the finals of the Puppy Stakes! 

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