Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 4-24-13

#1- 1 Yahoo Charlie- Rarely will you see two Rader Racers going head to head, but that is what you have in this first "J" race.  Going with Yahoo Charlie because of that opening speed out of the hot 1 box.

#2- 7 RageHDann- Times consistently going down last 5 races.

#3- 2- Paper Heart- Rader Racing- Been in the "J" class for too long. Best overall time of the bunch.  Puts it all together here out of the 2 box.

#4- 7 Pat C Seehere- Best time last time out of 17.09.  Outside box should help in this weak field.

#5- 2 Ben's A Jamin-Won out of this box last "D" class race.  Has good opening speed.

#6- 5 Atascocita Hera- Have to take at least 1 Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennels every program.  Under 30 seconds last two times out.  Gets her 10th win.

#7- 1 Vagrant- Rader Racing, really good speed out of the hot 1 box.

#8- 5 Lazy K Ortiz- Close last three races.  Wins or places in over 50% of her races.

#9- 8 Canadian Diesel- Best recent times of the field.  Times keep dropping since joining the 660 races.

#10- 3 Flying Comets- Recent grade drop from the "A" class.  Gets his 13th win.

#11- 6 Atascocita Jordy- Grade drop in a weak field.

#12- 5 San Tan Big Bang- Under 30 seconds last three races. Likes the middle boxes.

#13 -2 Razor Julie-Grade drop.  Has good speed out of the inside box.

#14- 2 MV's Destiny- Grade drop from the "A" class.  Opening speed out of this 2 box should get her the win.

#15- 8 Nidett- Went with Palm City Pamela instead of Nidett last time these two raced.  Not getting fooled twice this time around.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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