Monday, April 29, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 4-30-13

#1- 2 O Ya Nicole- Rader Racing. One of the best bets at Palm Beach is the Rader "M" pups.  30.23 in a recent schooling race.

#2- RK's Garst- Grade drop.  Does very well in the "C" class and also in the hot 1 box.

#3- 6 Braska Flapper- Going for 3 in a row.  Times have dropped the last three races.

#4- 7 Bae Sang- The best sprinter at Palm Beach period.  This is one of my best bets of the day.  Just set the 301 record of 16.48.  The only one at Palm Beach that could beat this one is Liberty Trail and that dog is not running today.

#5- 7 Mega Anchor- Recent grade drop.  Good speed out of the outside box.

#6- Skiddy Duchess- Times have dropped the last four races. Looks primed to win it's ninth win of the season.

#7- 2 TNT Matty Bee- Best speed out of the box.  Times has dropped the last 4 races, with a last time out of 29.96.  Was an "A" dog recently.

#8- 8 With Dignity- Best recent times of the race.  Been right around 30 seconds last few races and is in the good outside 8 box.

#9- 5 BlackJack Sting- Best speed out of the box.  Has been oh so close last four races. Gets his 2nd win.

#10- 7 Dreckly- Close last race.  Fastest previous time of the field.

#11- 3 Dino Crocetti- 2nd last two races by just over a length each time.  Just went 29.85 last race.

#12- KB's Decatur- Best speed out of the field and in the helpful outside 8 box.

#13- 1 Super C Waylon- Best speed out of the hot 1 box. Grade drop.

#14- KK's Schruiken- Grade drop.  Seems to win and be out fast for the "B" class races.

#15- 2 Jalasee- Best times of the field.  Continues to get stronger at the 660.

Good luck Palm Beach Players!


  1. you did very well tues & wed.


  2. Thanks! Keep following daily to see how I do. Hopefully these picks have helped you out.