Friday, April 26, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Saturday Evening 4-27-13

#1- 8 Odd Mustang- Best overall time of the lineup.  Good speed out of the outside box.

#2- 2 Pretty Cozzy- Grade drop.  Went 29.53 last time in the "C" class.

#3- 5 O Ya Garrett- O Ya dogs can really run from Rader Racing!  Under 30 twice already and still in the "J" class.

#4- 1 San Tan Bueno- Fast starts out of the hot 1 box.

#5- 5 Angel Angie- Best chance for a win in an extremely weak field.  There may be a long shot that wins in this one as well.

#6- 5 CH Crazy Eyes- Grade drop from the "A" class.  Was very competitive in that class and has won/placed 50% of the time at Palm Beach.

#7- 4 Palm City Paco- Recent grade drop.  Close 2nd the past two races.  He gets it done here.

#8- 3 HS Fargo- Just a few lengths off the last three races.  He gets his 1st win in this one.

#9- 5 Atascocita Drew- Have to take an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Racing every program.  This one has won or placed at Palm Beach 75% of the time!

#10- 2 O Ya Cookieman- The O Ya dogs from Rader Racing continue their dominance.  This one might be the best of the kennel.

#11- FF Cookie- Best opening speed of the field.  I like it out of the outside box.

#12- 5 SourCreamAnOnion- Transfer dog continues it's dominance for the 3rd win of the season.

#13- 3 A Star Cool Roxy- Grade drop, just won recently from the middle boxes.

#14- 1 Creeper- Been on a serious hot streak.  In the hot 1 box, Rader Racing, 75% win/place ratio.  Pick of the night from me.

#15- 5 Baby Kaitlyn-  Grade drop helps her get her 6th win of the season.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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