Monday, April 22, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 4-23-13

#1- HKF Fred- No Rader Racing "M" class pup here, so I'm going with the one who has had it's best time of 30.60 out of the 1 box.

#2- 8 Creeper- 29.67 out of the same 8 box last time out.

#3- 4 Flying Pylos- Time for this dog to win the "D" class race.  Should be up to C by now, but has come oh so close last few races.

#4- 1 SE's Creekfire- Won out of the hot 1 box last sprint race.

#5-1 Rockdown Roxy- Grade drop. Was dominant at the "D" class last time out.

#6- 6 Atascocita Vera- Have to go with an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel at least once a program.  Grade drop here and won in this class out of this box last time out.

#7- 8 NY To LA- Won out of this same box last race, 29.65.

#8-8 Superior Gamma- Upset pick here.  Good speed out of the 8 box.  Was tiring in the 660, so bringing this one back to the shorter 545 should help get Gamma her sixth win.

#9- 7 O Ya Barbie- Rader Racing.  Could do well on the outside in a weak field.

#10- 4 HS Fargo- Close the last few races.  Is consistently 38 seconds, while the rest of the field is not.

#11- 1 Just Terrific- Has finished second last two races.  Hot 1 box gets her the win.  Rader Racing as well.

#12- 2 Atascocita Hilda- Won last two out of three races in the "A" class.  Under 30 seconds in all three.

#13- 2 FF Cookie- Best previous time of the field.  Has good opening speed out of a speed box.

#14- 2 UMR Long Shot- Going for three in a row.  Has won or placed at PB nearly 44% of the time.

#15- 7 Membur- Just went 37.79 last time out, dominating the field.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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