Sunday, April 21, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Monday Matinee 4-22-13

#1- 2  Atascocita Drew- Speeds continue to drop for this pup.  Good speed out of inside box.

#2- 7 WW's Fire Eater- Rader Racing, just won out of this box last time out.

#3- 8 Thurlow- Recent grade drop.  Is in the $$$ nearly 50% of the time.

#4- 7 Liberty Trail- Going for three wins in a row n the super sprint.  Won out of this box last time out.

#5- 1 Danny Woodhead- Rader Racing, likes the inside boxes. Won out of the hot 1 box recently.

#6- 7 Gable Kissher- Under 30 seconds last two races.

#7- 7 Flying Anubis- Under 30 seconds and a close finish out of this box previous race.

#8- 1 Splash Of White- Grade drop.  Good opening speed in the "D" class.

#9- 6 Orbach N O'Hara- Close finishes the last two races. I think she gets it done this time.

#10- 6 Jawa Nelson- Under 30 seconds last two races. Almost won out of this same box last time out.

#11-8 Gez Money Talk- Excellent opening speed.  Has won or placed nearly 50% of the time at Palm Beach.

#12- 3 M Dar's George- Best opening speed out the race.  Has won or placed 52% of his races at Palm Beach.

#13- 2 Kane's Ryan- Recent grade drop.  Takes this "D" race for her seventh win.

#14- 5 Interest- Grade drop.  This "A" class hound drops down for a "B" class win.  Fastest previous time of the field.

#15- 8 Budz Seasons- Recent grade drop and best speed out of the outside box for this 660 race.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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