Thursday, April 18, 2013

Palm Beach Win Picks Friday Evening 4-19-13


#1- 8 O Ya Bill- Rader Racing.  Has placed the last two races.  Good 8 box.

#2- 6 Uncanny Ability- Went under 30 last race from same box in the same class.  Recently a "B" racer, now in the "D" class.

#3- 8 AMF Bet on Red- Grade drop, has won or placed in 40% of races at Palm Beach.

#4- 1  San Tan Superson- Went under 17 seconds last race. Best out of the hot 1 box.

#5- 8 Flying Pylos- Been oh so close last few races.  Has excellent speed out of the outside 8 box.

#6- 3 Kiowa Kay Fannie- Went under 30 last week.  Almost won out of the same box.  Has improved last four races.

#7- 6 O Ya Footloose- Rader Racing, going for 9th win.  Under 30 seconds last race.

#8- 4 Potatoes Portion- Best time last time out.  Best of the "D" class race.

#9- 6 Yahoo Charlie- Rader Racing. Best speed of the field.  Almost under 30 last race.  Up and coming pup.  Future Rob Gronkowski?

#10- 1 Gable Kissher- Went 29.54 last race.  In the hot 1 box now.  This should be the race of the night.

#11-3 Atascocita Genie- Have to pick an Atascocita once a night.  Went under 30 last race out of the same box.

#12-1 Nauru- Grade drop. Was very good in this TD class before.

#13-1 Inga Stravinski- Best box for the speedster.

#14- 2 Harley Jackie-Grade drop. Looked really good in last school race at 29.76. Should be in 1st at the break and hold it.

#15-7 Just Terrific- Rader Racing. Grade drop.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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