Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 5-1-13

#1- 6 Stromin J Gun- No Rader pup here, so I will go with the dog who has had the best times previously.

#2- 1 Google Search- Has won it's last 2 "D" class races.

#3- 7 Cragie Frampton- Has been tearing it up at Palm Beach since the transfer from Derby Lane.  Good speed to start out of the outside box.

#4- 8 Atascocita Angie- Have to pick an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel every program.  This one does its best sprinting out of the 8 box.

#5- 6 Vagrant- This dog cant seriously get nicked at the wire four times a row could it?  The best speed out of the box and should finally hang on for that "C" class win. Rader Racing.

#6- NB's Nice And Easy- Wins/Places 54% at Palm Beach. 29.48 recently.

#7- 1 Pat C Hyte- Recent grade drop out of the hot 1 box.

#8- 4 Kay Rock World- Best previous time (29.77) of this weak field.

#9- 3 Flying Visionist- Times have continued to drop since joining the 660 races.

#10- 4 BlackJack Joanne- Just won out of this same box and class a few races ago.

#11- 5 Atascocita Bessy- Grade drop.  Won her last "C" class race with a blazing time of 29.67.

#12- 6 Flying Rushing By- Consistently under 30 seconds in the "A" class.  Is always right near the front at the break.  Wins/Places nearly 50% of the time at Palm Beach.

#13- 4 FF Cookie- Best times of the field.

#14- 2 ER Jamie- Been close last few races.  Best times of the field and has won out of this 2 box in a previous race.

#15- 6 Atascocita Gilma- Just beat Nidett, who is the favorite in this race.  Gilma also won with a time of 37.93 out of the same box last time out.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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