Friday, April 19, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Saturday Evening 4-20-13

#1- 3 Braska Flapper- Rader Racing.  See my post about the best bet at PB for why I pick Rader in the M races.

#2- 7 GoGo Delana- Another Rader, close last four "B" races out of middle boxes.  Moves to the outside for the win.

#3-7  O Ya Suzan- You guessed it...Rader.  Best recent time of the field and excellent speed out of the outside box.

#4-7  Bae Sang-Best sprintr gets back to more winning.

#5- 6 Bright Day- Recent double grade drop.

#6- 1 Dreckly- Grade drop.  Out of the hot 1 box.

#7- 6 PWS Bewitched- Likes the middle boxes.  Closer.

#8- 3 PSW QuickNSnappy- Grade drop.

#9- 4 Ethereal Elation- 29.79 in the "J" class last race.

#10- 5 Atascocita Golda- May be the 2nd best "A" runner to its kennel mate Henri at Palm Beach.

#11-8 Cals Flip Flop- Love the speed in the outside 8 box.

#12-7 Kiowa Prudence- Grade drop in the 660.

#13- 5 Kane's Beckett- Times have dropped last 5 races.  Time for a win in the "D" class.

#14-2 Atascocita Charo- Went 29.69 in the inside box last race.

#15-8 Blackstone- Rader Racing, has won or placed in 60% of Palm Beach Races.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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