Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 5-8-13

After hitting 8/15 win picks yesterday (53%), we'll see if I can continue to keep the winning going.

#1- 8 Hilco Score- Can have good outside speed. 

#2- 3 Jawa El Sol- Grade drop.  Dominates in the "C" class.

#3- 4 Pat C Cream Crop- No Rader Racing pup here, so I will go with the pup that has been close the last few times out.

#4- CH Star Trek- Recent grade drop, right at 17 seconds last two times.

#5- 6 Craigie Frampton- 29.85 last time out with a 7 length win.

#6- 7 PWS Cadishack- Excellent speed out of the outside box.  45% win/place ratio this season at Palm Beach.

#7- 1 WWW Union Rags- Double grade drop.  Dominates the "C" class.

#8- 8 Membur- Grade drop and very good speed out of the outside box in this 660 race.  A solid bet in my opinion.

#9- 1 BlackJack Anna-Can fly out of the hot 1 box.

#10- 4 NB's Perazzi- Grade drop.  "A" hound drops down for the "B" win.

#11- 4 Canadian Rebel- Close last time out.  Gets 7th win of the Palm Beach season.

#12- 1 Johnny's Mambo- 29.45 last time out and now in the hot 1 box.  One of my best bets of the day.

#13- 2 Trewpuh- Excellent starting speed.

#14- 8 Myra Kraft- Rader Racing hound drops down to "B" to win this one.

#15- 6 Superior Mallory- Recent grade drop and close last race.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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