Monday, May 6, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 5-7-13

#1- 1 Salvatore Greco- Very impressive schooling race victory out of the hot 1 box last time out.

#2- 8 Pat C Just Up- Looks to have the outside speed in the 8 box back after a little bit of a layoff.

#3- 1 Leeroy Jenkins- The new Fly Chris Brown of the "M" class, this pup is due for the win out of the hot 1 box. 30.14 previously.

#4- 8 Liberty Trail- Should bounce back for the victory after a rough one previously. 55% Win/Place ratio on the Palm Beach season.

#5- 4 DK's Perfection- Rader Racing. Has some of the best times of the field.

#6- 5 Flying Doors- Good speed out of the box. Near 30 and a 1st place finish last two times out.

#7- 3 PWS Bewitched- 29.69 best time.  Close last race.

#8- 2 Budz Tone Lo- 29.91 in his last "D" race in an inside box. Gets 8th Palm Beach season win.

#9- 7 Prissy Bones- Excellent speed out of an outside box.

#10- WW's Sweet Pea- Grade drop.  Drops from "C" to "D" for the win.

#11- 4 Ethereal Magic- 40% Win/Place ratio at Palm Beach.  29.71 best time last time out.

#12- 1 O Ya CookieMan- One of the best racers at the track currently.  Out of the hot 1 box and Rader Racing. One of my favorite picks here.

#13- 8 Boc's Pee Dee- Just won by eight lengths and a 29.96 time out of the same box last schooling race. Recent grade drop.

#14- 8 Creeper- Rader Racing.  Can just fly out of the outside 8 box.

#15- 4 Nidett- Simply one of the best 660 racers around.  One of my best bets of the day.

No Atascocita dog that I liked this program.  Usually I would take at least 1!

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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