Saturday, May 11, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Sunday Matinee 5-12-13

#1- 2 Ozma- Good schooling race last time out.  Has great speed in the inside box.

#2- 7 Hilco Saint- Excellent speed out of the outside box.

#3- 4 Atascocita Genna- Always love to take an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel every program.  This dog is due in the "D" class and has been very close in the last few races.

#4- 5 Powder Creek- 16.96 last time out.

#5- 1 Yahoo Charlie- Rader Racing. 57% win/place ratio this season at Palm Beach.

#6- 8 Flying Rushing By- Outstanding speed out of the outside box.  50% win/place ratio at Palm Beach this season.

#7- 8 Catys Robin Egg- Recent grade drop. Should have enough speed to race around the bend for her 8th season win.

#8- 1 Distortion- Rader Racing and grade drop. Out of the hot 1 box and 50% win/place ration at Palm Beach this season.

#9- 2 NB's Jasmine- Times have dropped last 5 races.

#10- 6 Superior Mallory- Best times of the program.  Recent grade drop.

#11- 4 Mav's Billabong- Grade drop. Has excellent speed in the "D" class.

#12- 4 Flying Amaro- 60% win/place ration at Palm Beach. Gets 3rd win of the season.

#13- 2 JS Pierce- After a few months off, seems to be coming back strong. Excellent speed out of the inside box.

#14- 2 PWS Cadishack- Loves the inside box. Wins/places 50%

#15- 5 Gez Smokin Bev- Becoming one of the better long distance racers at Palm Beach. 

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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