Thursday, May 2, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Evening 5-3-13

#1- 6 NB's Proud Siren- No Rader Racing pup here, so I will go with the pup whose times continue to drop.

#2- 5 PJ Almighty- Close last "D" race. Has some of the best recent times of the card.

#3- 4 Fly Chris Brown- SERIOUSLY, the madness must end!!! I have never seen a pup get held down in the maiden class as I have seen with this one.  Gets the 1st win FINALLY in this one.

#4- 4 Liberty Trail- Best sprinter at Palm Beach besides Bae Sang. 

#5- 4 O Ya Norma- These O Ya pups dogs from Rader Racing can really fly.  Has won or placed in 43% of races at Palm Beach.

#6- 8 Flying Holyhead- Grade drop.  Went 29.67 last time in the "B" class from the outside box.

#7- 2 Mulberry Chloe- Excellent speed out of the inside box. Gets 7th win on the season.

#8- 8 Gez Smokin Bev- Newcomer to the 660 races has looked good in her first schooling race. 

#9- 8 NB's Poppy- Good speed out of the outside 8 box.

#10- 6 Atascocita Golda- One of the best racers at Palm Beach.  This will be tough in this stacked field with PG Really Rich and O Ya Cookieman in the lineup but watch for Golda to get her 10th win.

#11- 5 Pat C Who Did It- Grade drop.  Should be near the front in this "C" class race.

#12- 7 Gez Money Talk- Best starting speed of the field.  Wins or places over 50% of the time at Palm Beach.

#13- 6 Kiowa Prince- Grade drop. The good starting speed should come out in this "D" class race.

#14- 6 Pacman- Grade drop. Very successful in this class.

#15- 6 Gable Daughtry- Recent grade drop. Goes for 10th season win.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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