Thursday, May 9, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Friday Matinee 5-10-13

#1- 7 Kiowa Free Kay- Best recent time of the bunch and excellent initial speed.

#2- 3 O Ya Garrett- Rader Racing.  These O Ya dogs can really run.  Won or placed 83% of the time this season and just went 29.80.

#3- 5 Yahoo Diablo- Rader Racing. Has won or placed in all 4 races he has been in. Can really fly out of the box.

#4-1 San Tan Snuggles- Best box gets this one it's 13th win on the season. Gets out of the box quickly in this 301 sprint.

#5- 2 Ethereal Elation- Just went 29.71 out of the same 2 box last time out.

#6- 1 Atascocita Egan- Love taking at least 1 Atascocita dog out of the Suncoast Kennel team every program.  Just went 29.68 last race and is in the hot 1 box.  Wins or places nearly 50% of the time on the season.

#7- 4 WWK Tostitos- Recent grade drop and nearly won in this class last time out.

#8- 7 Go Bon Misspeled- The transfer from Daytona Beach bursts on the scene here.  One of my favorite bets of the day.

#9- 6 BlackJack Sting-Time for this one to win one.  Excellent speed out of the box and finally holds on for the "J" class victory.

#10- 6 WKL Tiger Lily- Recent double grade drop.  Very successful in the "D" class after making it all the way to the top class in the past.

#11-7 Rob Gronkowski- My favorite pup went 29.64 last time out and should be able to hang on for this win.

#12- 3 Odd Manzanita- Cruised home for the victory last time out in the 660.  Looks to be one of the better long distance runners at the track.

#13- 6 Direct Response- Recent grade drop.  Gets 8th win on the season.

#14- 4 L's Karla Clown- One of the best "A" hounds right now.  Goes for 3 in a row.

#15- 6 KB's Spiral Flex- Close last three races.  Gets it done in the long distance 660.

Good luck Palm Beach players!

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