Monday, May 20, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Tuesday Matinee 5-21-13

After picking 7 out of 15 correctly (47%) in the Monday Matinee, we'll keep the winning going into the Tuesday program.

#1- 3  HS Oxygen- Rader Racing. One of the best bets at the track is the Rader "M" dogs.

#2- 2 Splash of White- Can break out of the inside box in this class.

#3- 7 HS Out of Sight- Rader Racing. Really weak field with some terrible times. I'll go with the kennel that has the most success at Palm Beach.

#4- 8 Liberty Trail- With Bae Sang sitting this one out, the 2nd best sprinter at the track wins for the 4th time in a row.

#5- 7 Jas Adelaide- Weak "D" race. This one has had success in this class out of the outside box.

#6- 4 Johnny's Mambo- Grade drop. Has dominated in the "B" class, including 29.59 last time in it.

#7- 8 WW's Endurance- Double grade drop and the hot 8 box.

#8- 5 Pat C Antsy- Grade drop. Went 29.91 in this class last time in it.

#9- 7 Pat C Hurry Up- Very weak "J" race. This oje has good outside rush and gets 2nd season win.

#10- 3 Flying Pylos- Grade drop. One of the best out of the box rushers in this class around.

#11- 1 Legal Guardian- Double grade drop. Hasn't been in this class since December. Also in the hot 1 box.

#12- 7 LeaveHimAlone- Under 30 seconds last 3 out of 4 races in the top "A" class.  45% win/place at Palm Beach this season.

#13- 8 BI's High Roller- Close last race out of this same box last time out.  Good outside rush in this class.

#14- 8 KK's Schruiken- Been 1st around the bend in the last three races. Gets it done in the outside box.

#15- 7 Atascocita Tiera- One of my favorite picks of the day.  Grade drop and was one of the best long distance racers in the "A" class up until the last couple of weeks.

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  1. Hi Jason, we are going to start reposting your picks on our Big JackPot Betting blog if you don't mind. Feel free to repost Randy's and Jeff Prince's that we post if you like.

  2. Sounds good! Thanks for your support.