Friday, May 31, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Saturday Matinee 6-1-13

After a successful Friday Matinee with 6/15 picked correctly (40%), with a few huge winners, we take our winning ways to the Saturday Matinee program at "The Beach."

#1- 7 KB's Knockem Out- Rader Racing. One of the best plays at the track is the Rader Racing "M" pups. One of the coolest names in this program too!

#2- 8 Catys Robin Egg- Double grade drop and the hot 8 box = victory.

#3- 1 Precious Bones- Can fly out of the box and is in the hot 1 box.  Time to get out of this "J" class.

#4- 7 DKC Tony Montana- 16.85 best time.  Recent times are better then what this field offers.

#5- 3 Canadian Rebel- Recent grade drop and close last three races.  Times have dropped in all three as well.

#6- 8 O Ya Cookieman- As Randy Birch would say "Cooooooookkkkieeeeee!!" Love the outside box and the dominance in this class from the Rader Racing "A" dog.

#7- 2 Jeds B Trump- Recent "A" hound drops down to the "B" for the inside win.

#8- 5 Prissy Bones- Under 30 seconds last two races.

#9- 7 NB's Looter- Outside box helps this early speedster get out of the "J" class for the victory.

#10- 6 Lookin For Lucy- Close last race.  Went 38.59 out of this box a few races ago.

#11-4 DJays DrunkOnYou- Going for 3 in a row since the transfer from Naples. Rader Racing makes it even more of an enticing pick.

#12- 4 NB's Nice And Easy- Going for 4 in a row. One of the hottest racers at the track lately.

#13- 7 Astar MoxieMolly- Good outside speed. Very weak "D" class race. Could be a long shot win by somebody here.

#14- 3 Pat C Singer- Recent grade drop from the  "A" class.  Has had success in this class and won out of this box previously.

#15- 5 Atascocita Hush- Love taking an Atascocita dog from Suncoast Kennel every program if I can.  Close last race and can fly out of the box. Only reason I am not taking Nidett in this one is because of the rest. 3 days since the last race?? 5-7 is usually the normal time.  Many in this race going on 3 days rest.  If Nidett wins, this theory is thrown out the window.  Hush is rested. We'll see what happens.

Look for me on during this Matinee.  Compare picks with me and all that follow the show.  See how my picks stack up against the experts at the track.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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