Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Wednesday Matinee 5-15-13

*Hit 6/15 (40%) in the win picks in yesterday's matinee.  We'll try to keep the winning going into this Wednesday matinee.

#1- 3 HS Oxygen- Rader Racing. One of the best bets at Palm Beach is the Rader "M" dogs.

#2- 5 Etheral Mermaid- Some of the best times of this extremely weak "J" class race.

#3- 8 Ethereal Phantom- Good speed out of the outside box. Goes for 1st win of the season.

#4- 1 Themis- Grade drop and out of the hot 1 box gets it done in the 301 sprint.

#5- 1 Keeper DS Franco- Grade drop.  Can fly out of the box in this class.

#6- 6 PJ Timeless- Super "A" hound goes for 2 in a row.  Under 30 last two times out.

#7- 2 Ethereal Elation- Has gone 29.71 out of this same box previously. Has won or placed in 42% of races at Palm Beach this season.

#8- Odd Manzanita- One of the real risers in the 660 long distance race. Going for three in a row (4 if you include a schooling race before.)

#9- 5 Dreckly- Two 660 races in a row at Palm Beach is rare.  Some of the best times in the field are with this North Shore Kennel dog.

#10- 5 Mulberry Alex- Wide open race here.  Close last time out and can fly out of the box.  There may be some upset here that pays well.

#11- 5 Flying Anubis- Grade drop.  Can go under 30 in this class.

#12- 1 Harley Jackie- The "A" dog that came from no where to becoming one of the hottest racers at the track.  In the hot 1 box, going for 3 in a row. One of my best bets of the day.

#13- 2 Google Search- Grade drop.  This hound has won its last three races in this class.

#14- 7 Just Terrific- Can fly out of the outside box.  I usually would go with Atascocita Golda in this race but she really has looked like poo poo in the last 4 races.

#15- 1 Nidett- Simply one of the best long distance racers at Palm Beach.  One of my other favorite picks of the day.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thanks for checking out your #1 *free* source for win picks at Palm Beach!

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