Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Palm Beach Kennel Club Win Picks Thursday Matinee 5-23-13

#1- 5 HKF Scooby- Close last two races. Tru-CRT Kennel has been doing well lately at Palm Beach.  Good break out of the box last two races as well.

#2- 3 O Ya Jennifer- Rader Racing. These O Ya dogs can really run.  Recent grade drop and good speed out of the box in this class.  Has won or placed in 50% of races at Palm Beach this season.

#3- 1 QB Sack- Close last two races and in the hot 1 box.  Good speed from the inside boxes shown.

#4- 3 Distinguished- Recent grade drop. Went 16.89 a few races ago.

#5- 6 Flying British- I feel like this dog should be racing with the Royal Kennel with this name. Recent grade drop.  Times have dropped the last 3 races.

#6- 2 Kiowa Tide Rough- One of the hottest racers at the track.  Has gone under 30 seconds in all four official races at Palm Beach since transferring from Mardi Gras.

#7- 1 Sour Apple- Has good speed out of the hot 1 box in this class.

#8- 6 PWS QuickNSnappy- Recent grade drop. Really weak "D" class race.

#9- 1 Precious Bones- Hot 1 box and gets out of the box faster then the rest of this field.

#10- 8 ImInAPhillyMood- Can fly out of the outside 8 box. Has won or placed in 5 out of 7 races (71%) this season at Palm Beach.

#11- 5 Carolina Ziggy- Double grade drop. Has had a lot of success in this "C" class.

#12- 4 Creeper- 29.50 last time out in this "A" class.

#13- 6 Eyes Best Bet- As Randy Birch and I watched last Saturday, this dog was up by at least 10 lengths and blew it at the end.  Doesn't happen here.  Hangs on....barely.

#14- 1 JS Sum Fun- Grade drop. The "A" dog dropping down to "B" is one of the best plays at the track right now. Also hot 1 box = victory.

#15- 2 Glagow- Grade drop. This once "A" hound a few months ago drops all the way down to "D" for the win.

Good luck Palm Beach players!  Thank you for checking in on the #1 *free* site for win picks at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

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